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The Kyocera Group Human Capital

The Kyocera Group's Approach to Human Capital

The Kyocera Group operates under the Amoeba Management system, which allows all employees to participate in managing the company. We view this as an extension of our philosophy to provide opportunities for employee growth and development, both materially and intellectually, while contributing to a better world. The Kyocera Group strives to create an environment in which all our employees can approach their work with a sense of ownership and find empowerment and fulfillment by continually expanding their human potential. Our "Management by All" approach calls every employee to use "What do we consider to be the right choice as a human being?" as our compass for work and decision-making. As the Kyocera Group expands with a more diverse global workforce, this universal mindset encourages us to aim higher with initiative and enthusiasm, and to grow every day. Our Kyocera Philosophy reminds us that, "The Result of Our Life or Work = Attitude × Effort × Ability." This formula demonstrates that "attitude" is the first factor for success, followed by effort and ability. In addition to passing our Kyocera Philosophy on to new generations of employees, we provide functional training to enhance job performance. We believe this can allow everyone at our company to fully develop their potential, and to grow as the company grows, emphasizing job satisfaction and employee fulfillment.

image: Kyocera Group's Approach to Human Capital

Initiatives for Strengthen Human Capital

The Kyocera Group companies worldwide employ various methods to enhance understanding and practice of the ideals in our corporate culture, as codified in our Kyocera Philosophy. This is prioritized within other human resource development and professional growth initiatives that also focus on job skills proficiency.

Changes in Education-related Costs(Kyocera)

image: Changes in Education-related Costs(Kyocera)

Initiatives to Advance the Kyocera Philosophy

Promotion System

To enhance our corporate culture on a foundation of the Kyocera Philosophy, we established a Kyocera Group Philosophy Committee under the Chairman of Kyocera Corporation. This Committee establishes Kyocera Philosophy education policy and develops action plans using input from the entire executive team.

image: Promotion System

Kyocera Philosophy Education

The Kyocera Group is expanding Kyocera Philosophy Education on a global basis in accordance with the policy of the Group-Wide Philosophy Committee. For leaders, we have set up opportunities for top management and senior management in Japan and overseas to hold dialogues on the theme of our philosophy, in order to foster the next generation of management leaders with philosophy. For all employees, we build a digital infrastructure in which employees can learn freely at any time, and at the same time, we aim to cultivate a corporate culture in which the philosophy is alive by commending employees for practicing their philosophy.

Global Philosophy Seminar
Global Philosophy Seminar
Commendation for employees practicing the Philosophy
Commendation for employees practicing the philosophy
Internal site about the philosophy
Internal site about the philosophy

Education Results in FY2023

  Kyocera Philosophy Education (For Top Management)
Number of Course Participants 344
Training Hours per Employee (days) 1.0 day

Initiatives for Capacity Development

Human Resource Education System

Management Education

Kyocera provides training to supervisors, the leaders of the organization, to develop executives with advanced management capabilities. In addition, Kyocera aims to improve employees' management capabilities by providing the training to employees necessary in each stage of their career development, from the time of entry into the company to mid-level and executive positions, so that they can learn the skills and knowledge required to fulfill their task on a step-by-step basis.

Technical Training

Kyocera aims to develop human resources with a wide range of knowledge and advanced expertise in all divisions, including engineering, R&D, manufacturing, quality assurance, sales, and management. From new employees to mid-level employees, Kyocera offers specialized technical training as well as innovation training for learning about innovation creation in practice. The training curriculum covers a wide range of topics, such as materials technology, design skills, manufacturing technology, production technology, management skills, and quality control. Kyocera employees can use this training system to take the training necessary for their work assignments.

image: Technical Training
Technical Training

Global Education

Kyocera offers online English Learning Support and Overseas Graduate School Study System in order to develop human resources who can succeed on the global stage. These systems have sent employees to various regions around the world, including the United States, Europe, China, Southeast Asia, and India. Through these programs, Kyocera is promoting the cultivation of employees with improved language skills, the ability to obtain up-to-date knowledge and technology that can only be acquired abroad, as well as the development of internationally-minded employees. Furthermore, Kyocera provides international culture training for employees scheduled to be sent to offices or facilities abroad and employees responsible for overseas-related operations.

image: Overseas Training
Overseas Training

Training human resources with a diversity of experiences (Secondments to venture companies)

With the business environment undergoing major transformations, we are implementing a system of secondments to venture companies. The aim of this system is to train up human resources capable of creating new value (innovations). We have dispatched five individuals to venture companies to observe emerging technologies and bring new insights back to Kyocera Corporation.

Training Human Resources with a Diversity of Experiences
Secondments to venture companies (Kyocera employee on the left)
Secondments to venture companies (Kyocera employee on the left)

Education Results in FY2023

  Management Education Technical Training Global Education
Number of Course Participants 18,306 2,965 346
Training Hours per Employee (days) 0.4 day 5.6 day 20.0 day

System of Human Resources Education

Kyocera Group regards human resources as human "assets" and supports activities enabling employees to raise awareness of personal development and their contributions in the workplace. In particular, as personal development can be achieved to great extent through work, Kyocera is striving to create a workplace environment that enables each employee to work cheerfully and energetically, and draws out natural talents to the maximum extent. Kyocera provides comprehensive support for employee growth and development using the following systems:

Support for the development of junior employees and career development

Kyocera has implemented the following programs to support the growth of new and junior employees.

image: Structure of the Human Resource Development System

Training manager system, mentor system

Setting our two years after joining the company as the training period, we appoint a training manager and carry out planned OJT based on a training plan. We also appoint senior employees who are relatively close in age as mentors to create an environment where newcomers can feel free to consult.

Career development support (annual training and interview system)

The following initiatives are implemented at each juncture up the employee's fourth year to promote workplace retention and career autonomy.

  • 1st year annual training: Inventory of operations for one year and setting growth targets for the second year
  • Career design training (3rd year): Setting career goals for the fourth year and beyond
  • 2nd and 4th year interviews: Interviews with HR personnel. Confirmation of the status of workplace retention and advice for future career development.

Step Up System

In their fourth year of employment, employees can take advantage of the Step Up System. This system allows employees to transition from a work style based on completing allocated tasks to a work style where they can take the initiative in developing their skills to enhance their work performance. The Step Up System helps employees to see the gap between their current work performance and their ideal work performance, allowing them to identify challenges along the way. Employees can then work on resolving those issues as part of their regular duties, and the Step Up System provides the opportunity to report the results of their efforts to the senior management of their Group.

Challenge System

Kyocera also has another system for human resource development, the Challenge System. It allows the sharing of employee work targets with supervisors and improves employee capabilities through interviews with supervisors. This helps employees understand their roles and encourages them to work proactively on their job and skill development. It also aims to create a working environment where every employee can work actively and brightly. Supervisors, by heeding subordinate feedback, endeavor to improve the ability of the organization to reach goals and succeed in business.

Internal Placement Application System

Kyocera's Internal Placement Application System was established to provide employees with information on divisions that need personnel immediately, for example, due to the start of a new project or expansion of an existing business. Since this system provides employees with various opportunities that allow them to experience different positions at their own will, it serves as an effective means of support for employee career improvement. The optimal assignment of personnel is also another important goal for the company.