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Social Contribution Activities

Social Contribution Policy

Based on the awareness that a business enterprise is a member of society, we shall do our duty at all times as a corporate citizen that supports the development of local communities and society, and carry out various social contribution activities, not just business.

  • We shall actively interact with local people and support sports to contribute to the development of local communities.
  • We shall strive to do our duty as a member of society through various activities that contribute to society such as education, research, culture, the arts, international exchange and cooperation, and environmental protection activities.

(From the Kyocera Group CSR Guidelines)

    • Academic Advancement and Research
    • We aim to build a better world by nurturing technological development and excellent human resources, and contributing to innovative technologies.
    • SDG 4 icon SDG 9 icon SDG 17 icon
    • Support for Culture and the Arts
    • We aim to increase opportunities to interact with music and the arts, and create culturally rich societies that nurture excellent human resources.
    • SDG 4 icon SDG 11 icon SDG 17 icon
    • Local Community Activities
    • We aim to improve links with our local communities by engaging them in dialogue and boosting Kyocera's understanding.
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