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Approaches to Raising Quality and Customer Satisfaction Levels

Efforts to Improve Product Quality

Kyocera Quality Policy

The Kyocera Group has established the Kyocera Quality Policy to achieve production of quality goods that fully satisfy our customers' needs. All divisions must pursue the right way to perform their jobs based on a firm policy in order to realize an enterprise that is worthy of trust throughout the world. All employees of the Kyocera Group continue to strive to do every job right the first time toward the goal of becoming a world leader in quality.

Kyocera Quality Policy

  • Kyocera places top priority on our environmental management and product safety systems.
  • Kyocera provides products and services to our customers that exceed their expectations by putting them first.
  • Kyocera aims to be a world leader in quality by doing every job right the first time.

Quality Management Systems

The Kyocera Group (Japan) holds meetings of the Kyocera CS* Improvement Committee, with the President serving as its chairman, on a regular basis to improve customer quality-related indicator, share quality information to prevent quality problems, and prevent the recurrence of quality-related problems. The company has established quality management systems based on ISO 9001, and each business unit sets its own quality targets and carries out quality improvements towards their achievement. Furthermore, these improvement activities are continuously being upgraded by holding various quality-related training programs. This training is designed to give employees field drills with the help of Kyocera-style tree diagrams and to help them enhance their practical ability to smoothly handle quality related problems.

Photo: Kyocera Group CS Improvement Committee
Kyocera Group CS Improvement Committee

Customer Satisfaction

Efforts to Ensure Product Safety

Kyocera Product Safety Policy

Safety is the utmost priority for all products made or sold by Kyocera. Regardless of form or function, they must not endanger a person’s life or well-being, nor inflict damage on property. Kyocera established Product Safety System Guidelines as a concrete code of action at all levels of corporate activity. Additionally, the Guidelines for Product Safety Labeling serve as supplementary guidelines for understanding international standards relating to safety labels.

Kyocera Product Safety Policy

  • Kyocera is fully acquainted with the latest information related to product liability and product safety.
  • Kyocera maintains an industry-leading standard of product safety.
  • Kyocera systematically practices product safety in accordance with manuals.

Responses to Accidents Involving Products

We have established systems that allow the CS (Customer satisfaction) Division and Risk Management Division to gather information and implement countermeasures if a serious product accident occurs. We also notify the competent authority of such accidents and disclose information on our Web site.

Approaches to Raising Customer Satisfaction Levels

The Kyocera Group uses customer feedback and customer quality-related indicators to monitor customer satisfaction levels.

Raising Customer Satisfaction Levels

We monitor and aim to improve customer satisfaction levels as a part of our ongoing efforts to implement customer feedback in our products and services.

Customer satisfaction with stores, expos, etc.

Graph of customer satisfaction with stores, expos, etc.

Customer Quality-related Indicators

The Kyocera Group uses customer feedback and customer quality-related indicators to monitor customer satisfaction levels.

Customer Quality-Related Indicator Graph

Action by the Customer Support Center

The Kyocera Group operates a Customer Support Center that mainly handles matters concerning products for general consumers. By responding earnestly, correctly and promptly to customer inquiries, consultations, complaints and other issues, the Kyocera Group aims to raise the level of customer satisfaction. Valuable information and inquiries received from our customers are promptly reported to top management and shared among the relevant business segments. The information received is used to improve the quality of our products and services. The number of inquiries to Kyocera in FY2022 was 63,205.