Stakeholder Engagement

To understand societal needs and fulfill them, we continue to improve our communication with stakeholders to make decisions based on their opinions.




Customer satisfaction depends on higher quality products and services.

Method FY2023 Achievements Approaches
Number of inquiries
The Kyocera Group maintains a customer service office to improve customer satisfaction by responding to any inquiries, comments, or complaints in a sincere and timely manner.



We strive to build a working atmosphere of enthusiasm based on our Management Rationale: "To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.

Method FY2023 Achievements Approaches
Response rate, workplace
assessment surveys
(Subjects: 27,012 employees)
The Kyocera Group in Japan conducts workplace Vitality assessment with employees to help bolster a sense of dynamism in the workplace.
9 Round-table discussions The Kyocera Group holds round-table discussions between employees and top management to exchange opinions, and the content is shared with all employees in company newsletters.



Opinions and requests from shareholders are shared with top management and related internal departments to improve management initiatives and identify key issues.

Method FY2023 Achievements Approaches
Financial results briefings for institutional investors: 4
Business summary briefings: 1
Approx. 400 participants
The Kyocera Group holds financial results and business summary briefings for institutional investors. At the latest annual financial results briefing, we explained our mid-term business plan to facilitate thorough understanding of our growth strategies.
One-on-one meetings with institutional investors
Approx. 280
The Kyocera Group holds individual meetings with institutional investors in Japan and abroad, including ESG-themed meetings.
Company information sessions with individual investors:1
Approx. 480 participants
The Kyocera Group holds online company information sessions for individual investors and maintains an archive of materials.

Business associates


We demand fairness and transparent dealings to promote sustainable growth with business partners and fulfill our social responsibilities concerning human rights, labor, and environmental protection.

Method FY2023 Achievements Approaches
Seminars and social gatherings
with suppliers
232 participants from
202 companies
The Kyocera Group holds seminars and social gatherings for suppliers. Annual awards are presented to the most outstanding suppliers of the year.
Response rate, surveys on sustainability activity status
(Subject companies: 351)
The Kyocera Group conducts surveys of major suppliers to confirm the state of sustainability activities within our supply chain.

Local communities


In recognition of the fact that a company serves as a member of society, we fulfill our responsibility as a good corporate citizen to support the development of local communities not only through our business but also through various social contribution activities.

Method FY2023 Achievements Approaches
Off-site classes on environment
and energy
1,031 participants
The Kyocera Group offers off-site presentations on the environment and energy to children as a part of its environmental protection activities, to explain the importance of preserving our global environment.
Participants in briefing sessions
63 participants
The Kyocera Group invites residents, business partners, administrative officials, and neighboring companies to its briefing sessions, where we conduct dialogue on our sustainability activities.

Dialogue with Local Communities

The Kyocera Group (in Japan) has been holding regular reporting meetings since FY2005 with the aim of further increasing two-way communication with local communities, one of our important stakeholders. We report on the economic, social, and environmental activities of the Kyocera Group and each site, and exchange opinions on sustainability initiatives in areas such as human rights, labor, health and safety, the environment, fair trade, and ethics at the meeting.

image:Meeting at Kagoshima Sendai Plant
Meeting at Kagoshima Sendai Plant

Multiple Stakeholder Policy

Multiple Stakeholder Policy

Multiple Stakeholder Policy(pdf/33KB)