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Occupational Health, Safety, and Fitness Initiatives

The Kyocera Group is undertaking various measures to raise health awareness among all employees and support health in body and mind.

Total Health Promotion Plan Activities

The Kyocera Group carries out total health promotion (THP) activities, under the overall control of the president and the leadership of the Corporate General Affairs Human Resources Group. THP activities aim to help employees maintain and improve their physical and mental health so that they feel happy with their health, and to make the company more productive and energetic. In line with our Health and Productivity Management Declaration, we are implementing various on-going initiatives to improve employee health, including measures to promote healthy eating habits, exercise, non-smoking, and good mental health. We are aiming to be a company with excellent health management, where every employee can work energetically and enthusiastically.

Kyocera Group Health and Productivity Management Declaration

The Kyocera Group declared as its corporate principle, "to provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind," in the Management Rationale and has conducted management based on this philosophy since it’s the company’s foundation. Since the physical and mental health of employees is indispensable to realize this management rationale, the Kyocera Group carries out total health promotion (THP) activities to conduct "health and productivity management." Kyocera aims to remain a lively and energetic group where all of its employees are delighted to work in a healthy way while achieving their maximum performance potential.

July 3, 2018
Kyocera Corporation
Hideo Tanimoto, President

Mid-term targets for Total Health Promotion Plan Activities


In order to improve the mental and physical health of our employees, we have implemented initiatives as increasing the prevalence of findings in health checkups and increasing warnings about health hazards to smokers and non-smokers caused by smoking.
To address these issues, we have set the following medium-term targets.

Mid-term target

Target for FY2024
  • Health issue discovery rate for medical examinations: 1% reduction (compared to FY 2019)
  • Smoking rate: 10% reduction (compared to FY 2019)
  • Percentage of employees with high health risks (by internal standards) who visited hospitals: 100%
Results for FY2021
  • Health issue discovery rate for medical examinations (ages 35 and over) : 1.1% increase (compared to FY2020)
  • Smoking rate: about 2% reduction (compared to FY 2020)
  • Percentage of employees with high health risks (by internal standards) who visited hospitals: 100%

Kyocera Group Health Promotion Group

Kyocera Group Health Promotion Group

Locations with 49 employees or less carry out health promotion activities as divisions of other plants and offices.

The Environmental Safety Division is responsible for Group Office and Site Office health promotion activities.
The division responsible for health promotion activities at affiliate companies is determined on a company-by-company basis.

Example of Approach

Details of Key THP Initiatives

  • Healthy diet advocacy: Kyocera operations in Japan have begun offering healthy menus at company cafeterias, selling more designated health foods and sugar-free products in company stores and vending machines, and raising awareness of healthy diets and wellness.
  • Exercise promotion: Promoting the 2-Up/3-Down Campaign
  • To prevent passive smoking and encourage smokers to stop, Kyocera’s Japanese operations have enacted a total indoor smoking ban (as of March 2020). Further efforts under consideration include promoting “smoke-free work hours” (including commuting and lunch breaks), “Quit Smoking” Challenges, conducting no-smoking days and/or no-smoking weeks, awareness campaigns for smokers, and encouraging outpatient treatment for smoking cessation.
  • Mental Health Care: Improved Mental Health Education for Managers
  • Kyocera has developed health improvement apps that encourage sharing information with industrial physicians and nurses (starting in September 2020); visualization of health checkup results; and disseminating information on how to find mental health care and wellness.
  • Reinforcement of the Health Management System: The company is increasing its number of industrial physicians, commissioned mental health doctors, public health nurses, and nurses.
  • Other: An annual Kyocera Group Health Promotion Month has been established (September).
Image: Health improvement app
Health improvement app
Image: THP handout
THP handout
Image: Stop Smoking seminar handout
Stop Smoking seminar handout