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Our Thoughts on Sustainability Activities

Living Together.
To coexist harmoniously with our society,
our global community and nature.
Harmonious coexistence is the underlying foundation of
all our business activities as we work to create a world of
prosperity and peace.

The Kyocera Group conducts business based on the concept of coexistence,
which is also our basic philosophy regarding the group's sustainability activities.

The global population is about 8 billion. Some say that we have already exceeded the earth's capacity. It is predicted that the population will continue to increase until the middle of the century, when it will exceed 10 billion. This will require an increase in food production, energy, and many other items necessary for our daily life to support 2 billion more people.

In the past 100 years, rapid population growth led to great increases in the production of food and industrial products. As a result, the global environment has been affected significantly by problems such as global warming and the loss of biodiversity. If we continue increasing production by existing methods, regardless of industry, the environment that sustains us will be irreparably damaged. The Kyocera group considers finding solutions that enable increased production without damaging the global environment to be the biggest challenge confronting humankind if we hope to continue living in prosperity and security.

The planetary boundaries concept defines the limits within which people can continue to live safely, and presents thresholds that should not be exceeded. Based on this concept, experts have been validating the degree to which natural capital is damaged in nine planetary boundaries. Boundaries of Climate Change and Land-system Change, which show the size of forests, are deemed to have exceeded the threshold. Meanwhile, Freshwater Use, the excessive amounts of phosphorous and nitrogen significantly impacting agriculture and fisheries (Biogeochemical Flows), Novel Entities that show pollution from plastics and synthetic compounds, and Extinction Rates (Biosphere Integrity) are all deemed to have been irreparably damaged.

Based on the planetary boundaries concept, and in alignment with our philosophy, the Kyocera Group works to preserve natural capital by taking new actions for sustainable growth that address societal needs. By creating new technologies to supplement those that Kyocera has accumulated, we continue engaging in business activities that take the global environment into consideration.

Current State of the Earth Seen through the Framework of Planetary Boundaries

image: Current State of the Earth Seen through the Framework of Planetary