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KYOCERA : A leading global manufacturer of Fine Ceramics

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We take pride in our Fine Ceramics

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High precision Fine Ceramics

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Aesthetics and quality Fine Ceramics

    About Kyocera

    See Kyocera's company overview as well as facts and figures about what makes us unique, world-leading Fine Ceramics company.

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    Product Search by Material

    Our Fine Ceramics are with a variety of significant properties, and their materials are selected to meet the requirements of your products. Please choose the appropriate Fine Ceramics per the representative 12 types of materials.

    1. Al2O3


    2. Si3N4

      Silicon Nitride

    3. SiC

      Silicon Carbide

    4. Al2O3


    5. ZrO2


    6. 2MgO·


    7. Y2O3


    8. AlN

      Aluminum Nitride

    9. TiC·


    10. 3Al2O3·


    11. MgO·


    12. 2MgO·


    Product Search by Property

    You can select your own Fine Ceramics per the representative 10 types of properties.

    1. Mechanical

      1. Hardness
      2. Stiffness
      3. Fracture Toughness
      4. High-Temperature Strength
      5. Specific Gravity
    2. Thermal

      1. Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
      2. Thermal Conductivity
      3. Heat Shock Resistance
    3. Electrical

      1. Insulation / Semiconductivity
    4. Chemical

      1. Chemical Resistance

    Case Studies

    See our successful case studies and stories with Fine Ceramics.

    1. Analysis quality improvement
      Analysis quality improvement
    2. Productivity and quality improvement
      Productivity and quality improvement
    3. Electronic device miniaturization
      Electronic device miniaturization

    Learn About Ceramics

    You can learn more detailed information about our Fine Ceramics with below contents.

    1. Learn More Go to FINE CERAMICS WORLD
    2. Manufacturing Process
    3. Videos

    Group Companies

    With production sites in USA, Germany and Japan, Kyocera comprehensively offers the entire know-how and variety of Fine Ceramics to worldwide markets.

    1. KYOCERA Fine Ceramics Europe GmbH
      KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH
      Mannheim site
    2. KYOCERA Fine Ceramics Precision GmbH
      KYOCERA Fineceramics Europe GmbH
      Selb site

    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Our specialists will answer any of your questions.
    Feel free to contact us with any questions, from a quote request to detailed technical inquiries.

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