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By installing large equipment and improving the structure inside the furnace, Kyocera utilizes the single-crystal sapphire manufacturing technology that we have accumulated over the past 50 years to achieve material growth, grinding, and polishing of large sapphires.


  • Manufacturing of extra large products
    We can provide square plate products up to 500 mm2 (a plane) and round plate products up to Φ200mm (c plane).
    *For details, refer to the design guide below.
  • Support from growth to product completion
    In addition to material growth for large sapphires, Kyocera possesses large-scale equipment and technology for grinding and polishing processes. We can also support commercialization.
  • Precision processing technology
    We can achieve sapphire orientation control with a tolerance of ±0.1°, even for large products.
    *The orientation tolerance is based on a partial measurement.

Design Guidelines

Maximum Size for each Product

〔Unit mm〕

Square Plate Products
Orientation a plane c plane r plane
Outside Dimension 5002 2002 5002
Thickness 5 10 5
Square plate product example

Square plate product example

〔Unit mm〕

Round Plate Products
Orientation a plane c plane r plane
Outside Diameter Φ500 Φ200 Φ500
Thickness 10 10 10
Round plate product example

Round plate product example


Within the above sizes, Kyocera supports full-surface grinding, single- and double-sided mirror polishing, and ring-shaped and complex-shaped products.
*Please contact us regarding sizes that can be processed for each shape.

Surface Orientation Control

tolerance: ±0.1°
Surface orientation: a plane, c plane, r plane
*The surface orientation tolerance is based on a partial measurement.
*Please contact us for information on other sapphire orientations.

Wafer Standard Specifications


〔Unit mm〕

Size (inches) Diameter Thickness Orientation Flat Length
2 Φ50.8±0.25 (unspecified) ±0.025 16±3
3 Φ76.2±0.25 (unspecified) ±0.025 22±3
4 Φ100±0.25 (unspecified) ±0.025 32.5±3
5 Φ125±0.25 (unspecified) ±0.025 42.5±3
6 Φ150±0.25 (unspecified) ±0.025 57.5±3
8 Φ200±0.25 (unspecified) ±0.025 57.5±3
Orientation Flat Length

Shape: Compliant with SEMI standard; square shapes can also be supported
Crystal orientation: c plane, a plane, r plane, m plane, etc.; off-angle can also be supported.

Surface Finish

Surface Roughness (Ra) Ground Polished
Surface ≦1.2㎛ ≦0.3nm
Back Surface ≦1.2㎛ ≦0.3nm

*Numerical values are reference values, not guaranteed values.
*Please feel free to contact us for information on shapes and specifications other than those listed above.

Sapphire Wafers

Sapphire Wafers

Processing examples

Kyocera has a track record of processing products such as a large φ450 mm size plate (left photograph) for which X-ray diffraction equipment is used to control orientation, a large ring (center photo), which was bored by machining, and a deposition substrate that was mirror polished by CMP (right photo).

  • Large plate
    (whole surface grinding)

    Large plate (whole surface grinding)


  • Large ring
    (ring shaped)

    Large ring (ring shaped)


  • Deposition substrate
    (mirror polished on both sides)

    Deposition substrate (mirror polished on both sides)


Machining Process

This is an example of the machining process and equipment for large single-crystal sapphire products.
Kyocera possesses dedicated equipment for large-sized products. Through our technical capabilities that utilize our equipment, we pursue product manufacturing that meets the needs of our customers.

Machining Process

Values are based on typical material properties and
may vary according to product configuration and manufacturing process.