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Achieves Fine and Complex Machining of Sapphire, A Material which is Difficult to Cut

Kyocera's extensive know-how has made it possible to perform micro machining and finish complex shapes on single-crystal sapphire, a highly stiff and transparent material that was previously difficult to machine using lasers.


  • Perform Laser Machining of Transparent Sapphire Materials (Products with a Double-Sided Mirror Finish)
  • Perform Microfabrication that was Difficult with Tool Machining
  • Perform Machining of Non-Linear Shapes and Complex Shapes Using CAD
  • Excellent Processing Speed Compared to Conventional Machining
  • Low Processing Margin Reduces Material Loss

Design Samples

  • Board with Through Holes

    Board with Through Holes

    φ150mm × 1mm

  • Plate with Holes that have Irregular Periphery

    Plate with Holes that have Irregular Periphery

    φ30mm × 0.1mm

  • Sample of Irregular Shape Machining

    Sample of Irregular Shape Machining

Design Guide

1. Fine Through Hole

Fine Through Hole
Fine Through Hole

Hole Diameter (D): from φ0.03 mm (for φ0.03 mm, maximum thickness is 0.1 mm)
Thickness (T): up to 1 mm thick (for 1 mm thickness, minimum hole diameter is φ0.1 mm))
*Available hole diameter (D) varies depending on the substrate thickness (T). Please contact us for details.

2. Cutting

Outer Shape: up to 230 mm square shape
Thickness: up to 1 mm

3. Grooving / Scribing

Width: up to 100 μm
Depth: from 100 μm

Grooving / Scribing

Finishing Level Sample


Surface Image

Cross-Section Image (A-A')


Finishing Samples
Finishing Samples

Hole Diameter: 75 μm
Tolerance: ± 1.5 μm TYP
Roundness: 3 μm TYP

Thickness: 0.5mm

Surface Roughness: 0.6 μm TYPMinimizes alteration of material caused by the effect of heat and achieves a finish equivalent to machined surfaces.

* Values listed above are intended for reference and may vary depending on the specifications/conditions.

Values are based on typical material properties and
may vary according to product configuration and manufacturing process.