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  • High concentricity is achieved for ultra-fine nozzles with internal diameters from 0.1 mm
  • High strength and high precision processing of thin-walled pipes
  • Small surface roughness of the inner diameter (from Ra 0.1 μm) suppresses unnecessary component residue during repeated use (suppresses carryover).
  • Outstanding wear and chemical resistance lowers replacement frequency.


Standard Specifications
Material Zirconia
Material Code ZO201N
Total Length (L) 1-200 [mm] (tolerance: ±0.5)
Outer Diameter (φD) 0.3-8.0 [mm] (tolerance: ±0.01)
Inner Diameter (φd) 0.1≦d<2.5 [mm] (tolerance: ±0.002 )
2.5<d≦6 [mm] (tolerance: ±0.01)
Concentricity (φX) 0.005 [mm] -
Wall Thickness for Inner/Outer Diameter 0.025 [mm] -
Surface Roughness of Inner Diameter Ra0.1 [μm] -

* Features in parentheses: Please refer to the below figure.


* Specifications shown in the table are reference values based on products made with zirconia.
* Please contact us regarding specifications other than those listed above.

Design Samples

We support a wide variety range of processing needs based on many years of processing and design experience.
Furthermore, we support sustainability by reducing component replacement frequency using zirconia, which has high strength and toughness at room temperature and is resistant to chemical corrosion.

  • Tapered Processing

    Tapered Processing

  • Micro Machining of the Tip

    Micro Machining of the Tip

  • Whole Product

    Whole Product

Application Examples

  • Reagent Suction Nozzle for Liquid Chromatography (for Autosamplers)
  • Suction Nozzle for Blood Analysis
  • Inductor Winding Nozzle

Material Data Comparison

Material Code
Zirconia Stainless Steel
ZO201N SUS304
Color Ivory -
Density g/cm3 6.0 7.9
Mechanical Characteristics Vickers Hardness HV9.807N GPa 12.3 2.0
Flexural Strength (3-point Bending) MPa 1,000 588 ※1
Young’s Modulus GPa 200 193
Poisson’s Ratio - 0.31 0.3
Thermal Characteristics Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion 40~400℃ × 10-6/K 10.5 -
20~500℃ - 18.7
Thermal Conductivity 20℃ W/(m・K) 3 -
100℃ - 16.3
Specific Heat Capacity J/(g・K) 0.46 0.5
Electrical Characteristics Volume Resistivity 20℃ Ω・cm 1013 7.2x10-5

*1 Tensile strength

Wear Resistance

* Ball-on-Disc Test Results

Wear Resistance
Test conditions
Test Piece: Φ60×3mm
Ball: SUJ2 Φ6
Rotation Speed: 0.055m/s(10min.)
+3.25 m/s(5min.)
Test Times: 15min.
Test conditions

Surface Smoothness

* Zirconia has small crystal grains and less voids, so chipping is unlikely and the surface is incredibly smooth.

Example of Inner Diameter Surface

Zirconia (ZO201N)
Zirconia (ZO201N)
Entire surface is smooth
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Dented in some areas

※Actual measurement value of samples

Material Code
Zirconia Stainless Steel
Outer diameter surface roughness μm Ra0.059 Ra0.240
Tapered surface roughness μm Ra0.179 Ra0.194
Inner diameter surface roughness μm Ra0.160 Ra0.245

Chemical Resistance

Chemical Resistance

Values are based on typical material properties and
may vary according to product configuration and manufacturing process.