Ceramic Packages

Components for LiDAR and 3D Sensing

( * LiDAR : Light Detection and Ranging )

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Product Application

Ceramic Packages for LiDAR (Automotive)

Kyocera provides a wide range of custom and standard packages and lids to support each critical component of an automotive LiDAR module, including multi-layer ceramic packages with high strength and high thermal conductivity to support package miniaturization and increase thermal dissipation, high thermal conductivity die attach epoxies and sintering pastes, glass lids for sealing and lenses for collimating light. Kyocera's products can provide the LiDAR design a unique combination of tools to meet various LiDAR packaging requirements.

(1)(3) Lids with Optical Filters

(2)(7) Ceramic Packages with Cavities (Packages for Image Sensors)

(5) Packages for MEMS Sensors

(8) TO Pacages (Packages for Fiber-Optic Communication Modules)

(6)(9) AlN Multilayer Substrates (AlN Submounts)

(9) Submounts (Packages for LEDs)

(4) Collimating Lens <Optical Components (Lenses and Optical Units)>

Ceramic Packages for 3D sensing

Kyocera provides fully customized multilayer ceramic packages and aluminum nitride (AlN) thin-film substrates to support the device performance as similar technology to LiDAR application.

Available in custom and standard designs

Standard Products List (333KB)

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