Ceramic Packages

RF Power Transistor Packages

Kyocera provides packages for RF power transistors, including silicon LDMOS-FET devices, GaAs FET/HEMT devices and wide-band-gap semiconductor FET/HEMT devices using GaN, SiC and other materials. Our low-electrical-resistance ceramic feedthroughs and low-thermal-resistance heat-sink materials are available for high-power devices.

RF: Radio Frequency
LDMOS: Laterally Diffused Metal Oxide Semiconductor
FET: Field Effect Transistor
HEMT: High Electron Mobility Transistor
GaAs: Gallium Arsenide; GaN: Gallium Nitride; SiC: Silicon Carbide

Low-Thermal-Resistance Heat Sink (CM4)

Thermal resistance in four heat sink materials

(CM4 is a Kyocera material code.)

Heat Sink Size: 24mm x 17.4mm x 1.4mm
Heater Chip Size: 4mm x 1.5mm x 0.5mm

  • Thermal resistance can be lower than in these examples by making a thinner heat sink (CM4). However, the thickness must be reviewed based on application and evaluation conditions.

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