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List of Technologies We Can Handle

We cover a wide range of operations, from hardware development to software development, and have measurement technology necessary for appropriate performance evaluation

Development description Technologies we can handle
Hardware development System study, circuit design (digital and analog, FPGA), board production, evaluation of actual board, high-speed signal/power supply / thermal simulation
Software development System study, driver, firmware, middleware, application, test program
Sensor, image processing, server, database software, integrated development environment, robot, gesture, motor control, biometrics
Wireless equipment Bluetooth, wireless LAN (2.4 GHz/5 GHz band wireless), 920 MHz band wireless, IrDA
Waveform measurement Oscilloscope, Network analyzer
Measurement EMC measurement, E/FTB measurement, electrostatic immunity evaluation, lithium ion battery evaluation, reliability evaluation
Others Certification of technical standard compliance
Note: Windows is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corp., USA. The formal name of Windows is Microsoft Windows Operating System. Android is a registered trademark or trademark of Google Inc., USA. iOS is a trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc. registered in USA and other countries. Bluetooth is a registered trademark or trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA. Linux is a registered trademark or trademark of Linus Torvalds in USA, Japan, and other countries.

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