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AnyLayer PWBs

Ultra-thin PWBs for smartphones and digital devices

Line and space are 40μm/40μm, which is one of the most advanced technologies in the market. AnyLayer PWBs will reduce thickness of HDI PWBs and miniaturize HDI PWBs. High reliability has been proven after various stringent tests imposed on mobile devices.


  • Minimum line and space are 40μm/40μm, which enables high density design, and assembly of 0.5mm pitch CSP and 0.4mm pitch CSP is easy and efficient.
  • Via connection by copper plating has improved reliability of via and drop-test.
  • AnyLayer PWBs meet fine pitch, thinner and higher layer count requirements.


Build up number (Max.) 4
Line width/space(Min) Inner Layer 40/40μm
Outer Layer 50/50μm(40/40μm)
Via diameter/land diameter(LVH) 75/150μm
Minimum pad width/pad to pad space 50/50μm
Core thickness (Min.) 0.04mm
Insulation thickness (Min.) 0.03mm
Total thickness 3-2-3 0.45mm
4-2-4 0.55mm





  • Smartphones
  • Digital video cameras / Digital still cameras
  • Wireless base stations for mobile phones
  • High-end servers
  • Medical equipment

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