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Board Design

We offer optimal circuit board design proposals that can only be made by a manufacturer like Kyocera that handles all processes of board production in products ranging from LSI packages to motherboards


We design printed-wiring boards featuring excellent cost performance and high quality based on our industry’s top class high-density wiring board technology and using our printed circuit design expertise cultivated through our many years of operation. When existing boards need revision, we also focus on reduction in total cost and realization of reduction of the development period through value engineering.

CAD System

  • Allegro / APD (Cadence)
  • CR-5000 BD / PWS (Zuken)
  • CR-8000 DF (Zuken)
  • CADVANCE (Zuken)
  • Xpedition (Mentor Graphics)

Note: Allegro and Cadence are registered trademarks or trademarks of Cadence Design Systems, Inc., USA.
Zuken is a registered trademark or trademark of Zuken Inc. CADVANCE is a registered trademark or trademark of YDC Corp. Mentor and Mentor Graphics are registered trademarks or trademarks of Mentor Graphics Corporation, USA.

Interface and Device Experience

Memory interface DDR2 (~1Gbps) / DDR3 & DDR3L (~1.6Gbps) / LPDDR4 (3.2Gbps)
Communication among digital information equipment HDMI / USB2.0 / USB3.0 / DVI / HD-SDI / MIPI-DSI
High-speed Signal transmission Devices PCI-ExpressGen3 / S-ATA (Gen3) / XAUI / RAPID-IO / ROCKET-IO / XFP / SFP+

Products Covered by our Development

Product field
Product example
Embedded boards FPGA, ARM microcomputers (such as i.MX6), Renesas microcomputers
Mobile products / Consumer imaging products DSC / PC / TV / Blu-ray / Set Top Box / PDA / etc.
Car information system (CIS) Navigation, audio, display, etc.
Semi-conductor equipment BOST(Built-out self-test) / Various testers, etc.
Medical equipment Bed sensors, wireless sensors, foot pressure sensors and others, etc.
Others Copy machines, Printers, High-speed Cameras, Various broadcast equipment, etc.

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