Organic Packages / Printed Wiring Boards

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One-stop Solution

We provide solutions to a wide range of customer issues and demands, ranging from design to mounting of parts, taking advantage of our support system which uses the latest technology

We support customers’ new product development with our design, simulation, and prototype printed wiring board short-delivery service. In addition, we can further help mounting of parts without stopping. This system allows us to provide best solutions to prototype development.

We have various proposals for best solutions that satisfy customers in various viewpoints, including optimal imposition proposal to increase the number of pieces taken from one sheet, proposal of inexpensive materials for cost reduction, design of high-speed transmission lines by noise analysis, design and production under the best design rule excellent in mass-producibility.

Our engineers rich in experience in developing designs for high-speed and high-frequency boards play core roles in providing development proposals and supporting commission-based development.

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