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Build-up Structure FC-BGA

Build-up Structure Type

FC-BGA substrates are semiconductor packages with fine design rule and high reliability. Kyocera provides IC packages with more than 3,000 I/Os, and which comply with next generation flip-chip LSI utilizing cutting-edge design rule and state-of-the-art processing technology.


  • Leaders-in circuitization rule as line/space: 9µm/12µm
  • Advanced small via formation with laser via technology
  • Highly reliable thermosetting epoxy used
  • Various surface finish options available (Ni/Au, SAC soldering, etc.)
  • Applicable environmentally-friendly products (Halogen-free, Lead-free)


Layer Structure Up to 10-n-10 Max layer count
Build-up Line Width / Space 9μm / 12μm Min.
Via Land Diameter 85μm Min.
Core Line Width (Subtractive) 30μm Min.
Core Space (Subtractive) 45μm Min.
Flip Chip Pitch 100μm Min.

Specifications are subject to change without notice due to continual improvements in materials and manufacturing processes.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.


  • ASICs for servers / routers
  • MPUs for high performance game consoles
  • Graphics processors, etc.

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