Dividend Information


i) Basic profit distribution policy

Since FY05, Kyocera has implemented a dividend policy based on payout ratio, in order to clarify its shareholder-oriented stance and to establish a greater linkage between the amount of dividends and its performance. In order to further enhance the return of profit to shareholders and expand its shareholder base, Kyocera has revised and set a consolidated dividend payout ratio of around 50% of profit attributable to owners of the parent, an increase of 10% compared with the previous payout ratio of around 40%, commencing in FY20.

Kyocera heretofore has acquired its own shares from time to time pursuant to the provisions of its Articles of Incorporation under Article 165, paragraph 2 of the Companies Act, in order to utilize the treasury stock to swiftly execute its future-oriented capital strategies, such as stock swaps. Going forward, in addition to the above-mentioned purpose, within a certain range based on cash flow, Kyocera will implement acquisitions of its own shares as a powerful mechanism for enhancing shareholder returns, as appropriate taking into consideration the amount of capital expenditures necessary for medium-to-long-term corporate growth.

ii) Dividend for the year ending March 31, 2020 ("FY20")

Kyocera will determine the amount of its annual dividend for FY20 in accordance with the above-mentioned basic policy. Kyocera currently expects the annual dividend for FY20 to be 160 yen per share based on its forecast of performance for FY20. This would represent an increase of 40 yen per share as compared with the amount of the annual dividend of 120 yen per share for FY19, disregarding the commemoration dividend in the amount of 20 yen per share in addition to the annual ordinary dividend.