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Cautionary statements with respect to forward‐looking statements


Certain of the statements made in this website are forward-looking statements, which are based on our current assumptions and beliefs in light of the information currently available to us. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors. Such risks, uncertainties and other factors include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. General conditions in the Japanese or global economy;
  2. Unexpected changes in economic, political and legal conditions in countries where we operate or export;
  3. The effect of foreign exchange fluctuations on our results of operations;
  4. Intense competitive pressures to which our products are subject;
  5. Fluctuations in the price and ability of suppliers to provide the required quantity of raw materials for use in our production activities;
  6. Manufacturing delays or defects resulting from outsourcing or internal manufacturing processes;
  7. The possibility that future initiatives and in-process research and development may not produce the desired results;
  8. Companies or assets acquired by us not produce the returns or benefits, or bring in business opportunities;
  9. Inability to secure skilled employees;
  10. Damages on our information security systems from cyberattacks, etc. and significant costs in order to recover and maintain the systems;
  11. Insufficient protection of our trade secrets and intellectual property rights including patents;
  12. Expenses associated with licenses we require to continue to manufacture and sell products;

  13. Unintentional conflict with laws and regulations or newly enacted laws and regulations;
  14. Environmental liability and compliance obligations by tightening of environmental laws and regulations;
  15. Inability to respond to global climate change problems or delay in such response, which may lead to increased costs and negatively impact our corporate brands;
  16. Our market or supply chains being affected by plague, infectious diseases, terrorism, wars or similar events;
  17. Earthquakes and other natural disasters affecting our headquarters and major facilities as well as our suppliers and customers;
  18. Credit risk on trade receivables;
  19. Fluctuations in the value of financial instruments held by us;
  20. Impairment losses on property, plant and equipment, goodwill and intangible assets;
  21. Uncertainty over income tax and deferred tax assets; and
  22. Changes in accounting standards.

Due to such risks, uncertainties and other factors, our actual results, performance, achievements or financial condition may be substantially different from any future results, performance, achievements or financial condition expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligation to publicly update any forward-looking statements included in this website.

This website is not an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell securities. Please be aware that decisions regarding investment are the sole responsibility of the viewer.

All IR News Releases, Presentation materials, Financial Handouts, Securities Reports, Amendments to Securities Reports, Documents filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, Convocation Notices for General Meetings of Shareholders, Reports relating to General Meetings of Shareholders and Notices of Resolutions adopted at General Meetings of Shareholders, etc., which are included in this website, are in the forms originally released or filed. No change or adjustment in any information contained therein that may have occurred subsequent to the date of release or filing is reflected, unless otherwise specifically stated.