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Fine Ceramics, sometimes referred to as "advanced ceramics," are engineered materials that support the development of cutting-edge technology.

Fine Ceramics at Work in the K Computer

Contributing to 10.51 Petaflops (Quadrillion Floating-Point Operations per Second)

Employed in CPU and interconnecting LSI - the heart of high-speed arithmetic processing

HITCE® Ceramics BGA Packages supporting the K Computer

photo:the K Computer

K Computer

(Photo: Courtesy of RIKEN/Fujitsu Limited)
© RIKEN / Fujitsu Limited

HITCE® Ceramic BGA Packages are employed in the CPU and interconnecting LSI, core components for high-speed arithmetic processing, of the famous "K Computer" supercomputer in Japan. The 10.51 petaflops (quadrillion floating-point operations per second) of computing power in the K Computer is supported by Kyocera's proprietary HITCE® Ceramic BGA Packages, characterized by their high rigidity and coefficient of thermal expansion close to that of a mounting board unit.

photo:HITCE® Ceramic BGA Packages

HITCE® Ceramic BGA Packages

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