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Fine Ceramics, sometimes referred to as "advanced ceramics," are engineered materials that support the development of cutting-edge technology.

Strength (4)

Specific Gravity (Density) to Provide Strength and Lightweight Properties

Fine Ceramics (also known as "advanced ceramics") are lighter than high-strength metals. Within the same volume, many Fine Ceramic materials weigh only half as much as metal counterparts.

gif animation:Specific Gravity

Applications: Turbocharger rotors and other related products.


Specific Gravity

Density refers to a material's mass per cubic centimeter, while specific gravity refers to the density ratio between a given material and water, where water is assigned a value of 1. Many Fine Ceramic materials have specific gravities less than half those of ferrous metals.

Specific Gravities

figure:Specific Gravities

For more information, please see Excerpt of Graph Values.

The term "Fine Ceramics" is interchangeable with "advanced ceramics," "technical ceramics" and "engineered ceramics." Use varies by region and industry.

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