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Fine Ceramics, sometimes referred to as "advanced ceramics," are engineered materials that support the development of cutting-edge technology.

Four-Frame "Manga" Comics

Easy to Watch, Touch and Understand Fine Ceramics

Japanese-style "Manga" comic illustrating the positive characteristics of Fine Ceramics

In this section, we introduce the features of Fine Ceramics in a simple way through a conversation between a gentle older brother and his dependable younger brother with the unique presentation of four-panel Japanese-style "Manga" comic strips. Stay tuned as we gradually add more themes!

Name: Big brother (now accepting suggestions for names)

Age: undisclosed
Favorite sport: professional baseball
Favorite food: Katsu-don (pork cutlet on rice)
Future dream: To become a professional chef and open his own restaurant

An easygoing personality that doesn't worry a lot about the details.
Very considerate of his little brother and sometimes reads his mood at just the right time.
It is in his nature to help people in need, and he is loved by the neighborhood children as "big brother."
His forgetfulness is endearing.

Name: Little brother (now accepting suggestions for names)

Age: Three years younger than big brother
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite food: white-fish sashim
Future dream: Astronaut

The complete opposite to this older brother, he has a firm character and pays attention to the details.
When he goes out, he feels uneasy unless he has a schedule planned out.
While he doesn't show it, he is the type of person who plugs away at projects in secret.
He has such a thirst for knowledge that he sees study as a pastime.
Recently he has developed a strong interest in Fine Ceramics.

Name: FC Dog (now accepting suggestions for names)

Age: undisclosed
Favorite sports: walking
Favorite food: bones

This mysterious dog suddenly found itself living with the two brothers.
It has extremely hard teeth and can gnaw away at just about anything.
Its teeth are hard like Fine Ceramics.
It is fluffy and light.
Even though he grinds its teeth a lot, he's not worried because they are so tough.

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