SN Heaters

PHOTO: SN Heaters

SN heaters can be used at 1,300 deg C
High reliability for automotive component applications

Kyocera developed and has been providing SN glow plugs with excellent durability at high temperature for diesel engines. Based on such technologies, SN heaters are widely used for gas igniters, kerosene stoves and other non-automotive equipment.


  • Rapid heat up
  • High temperature durability
We offer custom-designed SN heaters upon request, however, we also have several standard designs (open tools) available for small quantity orders or evaluation purposes.


Internal heating elements are protected from oxidation in air due to a sintered one-piece ceramic body construction.

  • Product specs
  • Features
  • Applications

Product specs

Material Silicon Nitride
Shape Plate Type, Rod Type
Maximum operation temperature 1300℃(SN220)、1400℃(SN362)
Regular operation temperature 1200℃(SN220)、1300℃(SN362)
Thermal conductivity (20℃) 20 W/(m·K)(SN220)、25 W/(m·K)(SN362)
Specific heat (20℃) 0.66×103J/(kg·K)(SN220)、0.65×103 J/(kg·K)(SN362)
Coef. of linear thermal expansion (40~800℃) 3.2×10-6 /℃(SN220)
3.7×10-6 /℃(SN362)
Vickers hardness (Load 500g) 13.9 GPa(SN220)、17.1 GPa(SN362)
3-point flexural strength 610 MPa(SN220)、900 MPa(SN362)
Dimension list
Dimension list



Compact / Light-Weight / Energy-Conserving
●High watt density, good thermal efficiency
●Laying of multiple heating elements per unit is available

Superior Thermal Properties
●Rapid heat increase
●Custom designed temperature distribution available
●High levels of insulation allow direct contact with water, kerosene and metal

High Reliability
●Superior dielectric strength and electrical insulation
●Longer life due to oxidation-proof design on resistivity material
●Superior chemical resistance

No Electric Noise


Glow Plugs

Glow Plugs
Heating devices used to aid starting diesel engines

Igniters for Cabin Heaters

Igniters for Cabin Heaters
Ignition heaters and flame sensors are used for cabin heaters in cold climates

Heaters for Oxygen Sensors

Heaters for Oxygen Sensors
Can activate oxygen sensors immediately after the engine starts, which detect oxygen concentration in the exhaust gas of vehicles


SN heaters are used as hot surface igniters in gas furnaces and kerosene stoves

Bonding Heaters

Bonding Heaters
Used for the die bonding process of IC chips

Seal Heaters

Seal Heaters
Used for resin and glass sealing