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"Fast heating"

Kyocera's ceramic heater is widely used in industrial and automotive applications. Taking advantage of our unique ceramic lamination technology and more than 30 years of experience, Kyocera's heater can deliver robust quality with outstanding performance. The highly reliable ceramic heaters allow customers to minimize the size of the heater while maintaining maximum wattage to support a rapid heating rate. Kyocera works with each customer to provide open-source tools or customized designs to meet your unique performance needs.


Kyocera's ceramic heater has a structure in which a heating element is built into the base ceramic material and is integrated by simultaneous sintering. This structure can completely shut out the outside air, and by embedding multiple circuits, it can also be equipped with an output switching function and a temperature sensor function.

Alumina heater
Silicon nitride heater


  • Rapid heating
  • Small size / High watt density
  • Long product life
  • High insulation
  • Direct water and kerosene heating
  • Vacuum environment
  • Oxidation and chemical resistance
  • Output switching
  • Temperature sensing



Kyocera will support the development of new devices using ceramic heater technology.


Kyocera has two types of ceramic material for your heater application, alumina and silicon nitride.
Kyocera will be happy to help you select the appropriate material for your needs.

Silicon nitride heater


Kyocera's silicon nitride (SN) heater has been developed and mass-produced as a glow plug for cold-start assistance of diesel engines with excellent durability at high temperatures. In addition to glow plugs, Kyocera has been providing SN heaters to residential and industrial markets as well, such as igniters for residential gas furnace and heaters for die-bonding machines.


Standard Specifications

SN220 material base
  • ・Max operating temperature 1,300℃ MAX
  • ・Normal use temperature 1,200℃ MAX
  • ・Thermal conductivity (20℃) 20W/(m・K)
  • ・specific heat (20℃) 0.66×103 J/(kg•K)
  • ・Linear expansion coefficient (40~800℃) 3.2×10-6/℃
SN362 material base
  • ・Max operating temperature 1,400℃ MAX
  • ・Normal use temperature 1,300℃ MAX
  • ・Thermal conductivity(20℃) 25W/(m・K)
  • ・specific heat(20℃) 0.65×103 J/(kg•K)
  • ・Linear expansion coefficient(40~800℃) 3.7×10-6/℃

Standard dimension

Plate type(mm)
  • ・Length/Width 30~100 × 4~50
  • ・Thickness 1~20
  • ・Tolerance Length(ℓ) ±5%
    Width(w) ±10%
    Thickness(t) ±10%
  • ・Warpage 0.1/100
Rod type(mm)
  • ・Length 30~100
  • ・Outer diameter Φ3~Φ20
  • ・Tolerance Length(ℓ)±3%
    Outer diameter(d)±5%
  • ・Warpage 0.02/100

Please feel free to ask about complex shapes, through holes, bonding with metal material, etc.


  • IoT / 5G

    IoT / 5G
    ・3D glass mold heating
    ・Lens mold heating
  • Semiconductor

    ・Flip-chip bonder
  • Science / Medical

    Science / Medical
    ・Spectrophotometer (FT-IR)
  • Ecology / Energy

    Ecology / Energy
    ・Fuel cells
    ・Gas appliances
    ・Petroleum equipment
    ・Soldering iron
  • Mobility

    ・EV heating
    ・Glow plug
    ・Cabin heater
    ・Gas sensor
  • Ecology / Energy

    Ecology / Energy Fuel cells

    Flip-chip bonder

    SN heaters are helping build a decarbonized society.  Clean energy technologies, such as Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs), require a heater for preheating and ignition of the fuel source for operation.  SOFC developers choose Kyocera's silicon nitride glow plugs because our materials offer proven high quality and reliability at high temperatures.

  • Ecology / Energy

    Ecology / Energy Gas appliances

    Gas appliances

    SN heaters are used as the igniter in all gas appliances, including residential gas furnaces, gas boiler, etc. Kyocera's SN heater achieves quick and stable ignition because of its rapid heating performance, and high reliability contributes to long life and savings on maintenance for end-users. Also, the SN heater offers noise less ignition in contrast to a spark plug.

  • Mobility

    Mobility Glow plug

    Glow plug

    Glow plugs are used for cold-start assistance for diesel engines. They contribute to exhaust gas purification at the engine starting phase due to the fast heating speed of Kyocera's SN heater and high reliability in harsh environments.

Please feel free to contact us for any other applications not listed above.


After receiving an inquiry, our sales team will contact you and confirm your requirement details. Depending on the requirement, we will choose and propose suitable standard samples for evaluation. Information about operation conditions (Voltage/heating performance), size/shape/with metal parts, and applications is highly appreciated.

Standard product

  • Standard product
    [ Type A:Specifications ](Ref.)
    Resistance value:40-70Ω/150Ω
    Operating temp:1170-1480℃/1050-1350℃
  • Standard product
    [ Type B:Specifications ](Ref.)
    Resistance value:0.4-0.6Ω/1.3-2.2Ω
    Operating temp:≧1100℃


Please feel free to contact us.Kyocera is always exploring ways
to support new innovations and we look forward to finding solutions to your challenges.

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