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"Precise actuation and sensing."

Piezoelectric elements have a unique characteristic whereby the element elongates or vibrates when an external voltage is applied, similar to how it generates electricity when external pressure is applied. Kyocera's piezoelectric elements transform and vibrate at levels of nanometers to micrometers level in less than a micro second and repeat such movement rapidly and accurately, even in tough operating conditions, such as in a car. Conversely, when the piezo device receives mechanical pressure, it is converted to electricity, which becomes a signal and is used for a sensor/detector.
Because of Kyocera's unique lamination technology, our piezo devices have achieved automotive-grade durability, and are used in many highly demanding applications.


Kyocera has two types of piezo device structures, one is a single-plate type, and the other is a multi-layer type, both of which are made of PZT ceramics (lead zirconate titanate). Multi-layer type piezo elements have between tens and hundreds of ceramic layers and internal electrode layers with an external electrode on the out side.
When using vertical/horizontal elongation movement (known as the Inverse Piezoelectric Effect), piezoelectric devices can be used for actuators, ultrasonic transducers, etc. When using the electricity generation effect (known as the Piezoelectric Effect), piezoelectric devices can be used for pressure sensors, power generation modules, etc.
As shown in the figure below, there is a vertical displacement type, which elongates along with the electric field direction, and a horizontal displacement type, which elongates perpendicularly against the electric field.

vertical displacement type
horizontal displacement type


  • Super fast response
  • High precision displacement
  • Low power consumption
  • Electromagnetic (noiseless)
  • Long life (has been installed in automobiles)



Kyocera will continue to develop advanced devices using Piezoelectric technology


Kyocera has three kinds of basic product structures.
We propose suitable designs based on customers' requirements.

Multi-layer vertical displacement type(d33モード)

Multi-layer Vertical
displacement type
(d33 mode)

The vertical displacement type (d33 mode) Piezoelectric elements displace along with lamination direction. For over 10 years, Kyocera has shipped more than 50 million piezo automotive fuel injector elements. Because of Kyocera's unique material and lamination technology, Kyocera's piezo devices can create large displacements with low power consumption.


For vertical displacement type products, the element length and displacement length are proportional, and element cross-sectional area and the generative force are proportional.


Standard design

Products can be customized based on customer requests.
Please feel free to contact us.

Available dimensional range
(Min:Width2mm,Length2mm,Height5mm Max:Width10mm,Length10mm,Height60mm)


  • IoT / 5G

    IoT / 5G
    ・Antenna adjustment
    ・Acoustic speaker
    ・Pressure sensor
  • Semiconductor

    ・Mass flow controller
    ・Valve controller
    ・Dispenser controller
    ・Wafer polishing
    ・Precision stage
  • Science / Medical

    Science / Medical
    ・Optical axis (lens) adjustment
    ・Precision stage
  • Ecology / Energy

    Ecology / Energy
    ・Piezoelectric power generation device
  • Mobility

    ・Pressure sensor
    ・Fuel injector
  • Semiconductor

    Semiconductor Mass flow controller

    Mass flow controller

    Mass flow controllers require extremely accurate flow rate control, therefore the piezo element is used for this application because of high displacement accuracy and quick responsivity. Kyocera embeds piezo element into a metal housing and achieves air tight structure, which brings high reliability under high temperature and high humidity environment.

  • Semiconductor

    Semiconductor Valve controller

    valve controller

    With the evolution of semiconductor devices, it is required to control the manufacturing processes with quicker response and higher reliability. Because of this, the piezoelectric valve is getting required from the market, and our piezoelectric elements have been widely used in this field.

  • Mobility

    Mobility Fuel injector

    Fuel injector

    Piezo actuator can control injector nozzle quickly and accurately, allowing for fuel to spray into the engine cylinder with precise timing and fuel amounts. Because of Kyocera's unique lamination technology, Kyocera's piezo injector devices have been used in this application, and have been achieving automotive quality standard and durability requirements.

Please feel free to contact us for any other applications not listed above.


After receiving an inquiry, our sales team will contact you to confirm your requirement details. Depending on the requirement, we will choose and propose suitable standard samples for evaluation.

Standard product

  • Specifications
    [ Specifications ]
    Short type (44mm length)
    displacement:45~63μm (applied 150V condition)
  • Long type (64mm length)
    displacement:73~103μm (applied 150V condition)


Please feel free to contact us.Kyocera is always exploring ways
to support new innovations and we look forward to finding solutions to your challenges.

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