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Single-crystal sapphire is increasingly important for making highly reliable electronic components due to its excellent mechanical, chemical and optical properties. Kyocera mass-produces sapphire using the Edge-defined Film-fed Growth (EFG) method, which can yield large plates in any plane.


Benefits of the EFG Method

IMAGE:Explanation drawing of cellular unit of sapphire

High Strength, High Rigidity, High Anti-Abrasion, High Anti-Heat, High Anti- Corrosion Characteristics, and High Anti-Plasma Characteristics.
Because of these characteristics, Single Crystal Sapphire is widely used for precision mechanical parts.
Stable Dielectric Constant, Very Low Dielectric Loss, Good Electrical Insulation
Single Crystal Sapphire is used as a material for substrates in super-high frequency regions. It is also used as an insulation material and microwave window. Single Crystal Sapphire has become indispensable in the Electronics Industries.
Excellent Light Transmission
Single Crystal Sapphire is used for various kinds of vacuum equipment, windows in reaction furnace, scanner windows and caps for optical communication due to its excellent mechanical characteristics and heat resistance.
Good Thermal Conductivity and High Heat Resistance
Excellent thermal conductivity at low temperatures allows Single Crystal Sapphire as a transparent material to be used in many diverse fields requiring thermal conduction and heat radiation.


(unit:mm) Shapes other than above are available.

  • IMAGE:Shape and specifications of substrate-shaped sapphire
  • IMAGE:Shape and specifications of round, bar-shaped sapphire
  • IMAGE:Shape and specifications of tube-shaped sapphire
  • IMAGE:Shape and specifications of irregular shaped sapphire


IMAGE:Sapphire material characteristic chart (1)

IMAGE:Sapphire material characteristic chart (2)

IMAGE:Standard dimensional tolerance chart

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