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Control temperature as required

Peltier module (thermoelectric module) is a thermal control module that has both "warming" and "cooling" effects. By passing an electric current through the module, it is possible to change the surface temperature and keep it at the target temperature.


Kyocera's Peltier module structure has two types of semiconductor elements arranged in tandem sandwiched between copper substrates. When electricity is passed through the module, electrons move in one element and positive holes move in the other element, this is called the "Peltier effect." This allows one side of the substrate to absorb heat and the other to radiate heat, so the hot and cold sides to be switched depending on the current direction. It can also be used as a thermoelectric power generation module using the "Seebeck effect" in which a current flows by applying a temperature difference on both sides of the Peltier module.

Peltier effect
Seebeck effect


  • Spot cooling
  • Cooling/heat radiation reversal possible
  • High precision temperature control (±0.05℃)
  • Compact / Light weight / Vibration-free / Noiseless (Compressorless)
  • Convert temperature difference into electrical energy



Kyocera will contribute to developing advanced devices using Peltier module technology.


Features of Kyocera's Peltier modules include unique columnar shape elements and copper substrates.

We succeeded in alleviating stress concentration and improving long-term durability by using the columnar shape elements. Also, corrosion resistance due to moisture condensation is improved by coating the outer element of the surface, allowing us to achieve the reliability required to operate in harsh automotive environments. In addition, the copper substrate has low thermal capacity and uniform heat distribution, which contributes to quick response and small temperature variation.

  • Peltier module cooling responsivity and thermal uniformity(new/old comparison)
  • Heat absorption and power consumption of the Peltier module
  • Peltier module perfomance deterioration rate
  • Automotive Reliability Test


Design specification

  • ・Size: 20mm ~ 40mm square (Please contact us even if your request is out of range)
  • ・Built-in thermistor available on request
  • ・Resin sealing on the outer periphery
  • ・Heat sink (radiation fin) on the module surface by soldering or thermal grease.
  • ・Blower fan integration available

The products can be customized based on customer requests.


  • IoT / 5G

    IoT / 5G
    ・Telecommunications base station / Optical communication etc.
    ・Optical communication
  • Semiconductor

    ・Wafer tester
    ・Wafer cooling
  • Science / Medical

    Science / Medical
    ・PCR test equipment
    ・Blood test equipment
    ・DNA amplifier
  • Ecology / Energy

    Ecology / Energy
    ・Thermoelectric generator unit
    ・Neck cooler
  • Mobility

    ・Battery temperature management
    ・Seat temperature control
  • Science / Medical

    Science / Medical Analysis equipment
    (PCR test / blood / etc.)

    Analysis equipments (PCR test / blood / etc)

    Peltier modules are also used for precise temperature control for various analysis equipment such as blood analyzers, PCR, etc., and Kyocera's Peltier modules have long-life, high-reliability characteristics thanks to their unique structure so they are suitable for these fields which require a high level of quality.

  • Mobility

    Mobility Battery temperature

    Battery temperature management

    Kyocera's Peltier modules are used for battery temperature management, and can improve battery life and help reduce battery size. Kyocera's modules can withstand the severe demands required for automotive applications.

  • Mobility

    Mobility Seat temperature control

    Seat temperature control

    By redirecting the cool air generated by the Peltier module using a fan, the seat can be cooled faster than the whole cabin air conditioner. In addition, the temperature of the driver's seat and the passenger's seat can be controlled individually. Kyocera's Peltier module can also be supplied with a fan and radiation fin bonded directly to the substrate.

Please feel free to contact us for any other applications not listed above.


After receiving an inquiry, our sales team will contact you to confirm your requirement details. Depending on the requirement, we will choose and propose suitable standard samples for evaluation. We can also offer a blower fan and heat sink integrated unit for instant evaluation. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Standard Product - 20mm type [20mm/30mm/40mm in lineup]

    Standard Product - 20mm type
    [ Specifications ]
    Heat absorption:about 29W
  • Radiation Fin Integrated Module

    Radiation Fin Integrated Module
  • Connector Type

    Connector Type


Please feel free to contact us.Kyocera is always exploring ways
to support new innovations and we look forward to finding solutions to your challenges.

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