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Contributing to a safer driving experience

Kyocera develops and manufactures products and technologies to improve the safety performance of automobiles. Kyocera's automotive camera modules are made based on our designs for optics, circuit and software, and image control technologies. With this product and technology line-up, Kyocera aims to create a safer mobility society aiming.


Kyocera's camera modules provide functions to support safe driving with original design technologies for optics, circuits, software, and mechanical structures.

  • High resolution lens design

    High resolution lens design

    Kyocera manufactures camera lens units in-house. Based on our optical design, mechanical design, and production technology, we provide high-quality camera modules with more precise and stable lens quality.

  • Circuit design technologies

    Circuit design technologies

    Kyocera designs the electronic circuit of the camera module as well. We have achieved automotive-grade quality through optimal component selection, high-density fine pattern technology, thermal/stress analysis, and noise / electromagnetic field analysis.

  • Image control technologies

    Image control technologies

    Kyocera's image control technology achieves better color reproducibility. We will continue to pursue improved camera quality with image sensors.

  • Software design technologies

    Software design technologies

    The functions required on automotive camera modules are expanding day by day to include not only displaying images, but also detecting white lanes and pedestrians and monitoring drivers, superimposition of guide lines and warning indications, and human and vehicle recognition. We seek to continue developing camera functions to further enhance these values.


Kyocera has a medium- to long-term development plan and proceed the development of automotive cameras. Please contact us for details.


Please feel free to contact us.Kyocera is always exploring ways
to support new innovations and we look forward to finding solutions to your challenges.

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