Ceramic Packages

Automotive FMCW-LiDAR Packages for High Reliability, Hermetic, and Complex Integration Applications

What is FMCW Technology?

FMCW (Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) technology is a frequency continuous modulation method that uses coherent waveguides to detect the distance and speed of an object. By integrating each function using silicon photonics technology, device miniaturization is possible.

Benefits of FMCW-LiDAR

  1. High accuracy, long-range, high-resolution detection
  2. Low mutual interference with other devices
  3. Can be integrated using silicon photonics technology

Problems with FMCW-LiDAR

  1. Structure becomes more complex
  2. Tend to be larger in size
  3. Hermetic sealing is required

Kyocera develops ceramic packaging solutions
to solve the most difficult problemsof automotive FMCW-LiDAR.

Kyocera’s packages havehigh heat dissipation characteristics, are hermetic seal compliant, and help achieve miniaturization and weight reduction.

We custom design our packaging solutions for specific needs and applications to support our customers developing the next-generation of automotive technology.

Integrated Module Problem Resolution

Optical/electrical interface solutions available for heat dissipation structure.

Discrete Type Problem Resolution

Integrated Module Solution

Example of Integration into Silicon Photonics

In FMCW modules, miniaturization and improved functionality is achieved by integrating key devices.

Trend Toward Integrated Technology

  1. Modulator, optical passive components, and PD are integrated into a single package using silicon photonics technology
  2. Laser and scanner are integrated into a single package

High Reliability

High Heat Dissipation/
Low Thermal Resistance

Integrated Structure for Miniaturization

Flexible Design for Optical/
Electrical Path

Design Concept #1: Top-facing optical port with bottom side heat dissipation
Design Concept #2: Side-facing optical port with bottom side heat dissipation

Kyocera offers the optimal hermetic structure to meet your requirements based on over 20 years of experience developing packaging for optical communication infrastructure applications.

Optical ports are placed on the top, side, or bottom

Heat sink is placed on the required location to optimize heat dissipation and temperature control

Various forms of electrical terminals are placed at the required location

Even in large packages, stress on the optical window and ceramic is taken into consideration to increase reliability

Kyocera can develop more customized solutions to meet various needs in addition to the options shown above. Contact us for more details.

Discrete Module Solution

Packages for Lasers/Amplifiers/Modulators

レーザーダイオード / アンプ / 変調器用パッケージ
  • Wide variety of standard packages available
  • Various metal housing shapes (BTF PKG®, etc.) available
  • Hermetic seal compatible
  • Multiple heat sink materials available
  • Multiple optical port options (side window/metal snout) available
  • More than 20 years of experience mass producing packages for the optical communication infrastructure network market

Main Applications

  • Tunable lasers
  • Light sources (Laser diodes)
  • Amplifiers (SOA: Semiconductor Optical Amplifier)
  • Modulators

Packages for Photo Diodes/Scanners

Packages for Photo Diodes/Scanners
  • Wide variety of standard packages available
  • Hermetic seal compatible
  • Various package materials: Alumina (Al₂O₃)/AlN
  • Heat sink-compatible solutions available
  • Multiple electrical port options available
  • More than 20 years of experience mass producing packages for the image sensor market

Main Applications

  • MEMS mirror scanners
  • OPA (Optical Phased Array) scanners
  • ToF/iToF/dToF photo diodes

Other Products

Kyocera offers a variety of optical windows and submount products optimized for FMCW-LiDAR devices.

Optical Windows

  1. Enables Sapphire structures and highly reliable brazing technology
  2. Enables optimal structures for packages, optical windows, and lids to achieve high reliability

Click here for more optical window structure examples and optical filter characteristics.

  • Contact us for more details about eye-safe optical windows and optical filter characteristics.
Optical Windows 1
Optical Windows 2

Submount, Carrier, and Substrate Related Products

  1. Enables thin film and via structure to achieve high reliability for automotive applications.
  2. AlN and various alumina materials available.

Click here for more about Kyocera’s submounts and carriers.

  • Contact us below and learn more details about thin film structures and side metallization options.
Submount, Carrier, and Substrate Related Products

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We are looking forward to supporting your module development needs with
hermetic, miniaturization, and weight reduction-enabling solutions.

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