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    • Zircon

      Zircon has a wide color variation.
      Until cubic zirconia became widespread, the colorless zircon was popular as the alternative gem for a diamond because of its high refractive index and dispersion. Its hardness is low, so it wears quickly depending on the cut.
      [Moh's hardness: 5] [Mineral species: Zircon]

    • Zodiac Stone Ring

      The zodiac stone ring is derived from the astrology and gemstones are determined in relation to the date of birth and the constellation. There is a legend that if you wear a gemstone that protects the zodiac constellation, the gem protects you from disasters and makes your wishes come true.

    • Zoisite

      The origin of the word "zoisite" is Sigmund Zois who is a mineral collector in Slovenia.
      In recent years, gem quality zoisite is available in the market. There is green zoisite and thulite which is opaque pink. If brown zoisite is heated, it will become a tanzanite.
      [Moh's hardness: 6] [Mineral type: Zoisite]

    • Zultanite

      The name of mineral is named after "diaspora" which means "spread out" in Greek. It burst while making a cracking sound when heating. Zultanite changes its color from green to pink depending on the light sources, it has been receiving more attention in recent years.
      [Moh's hardness: 6] [Mineral species: Diaspore]

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