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    • Obsidian

      Obsidian is a natural glass. Many of them are opaque black in color. If some gray or white inclusions are included in the gem, it is called snowflake.
      [Moh's hardness: 5] [Mineral species: Obsidian]

    • Ogre Prong

      Ogre prong is used to set pearls and corals. It is named because its big prong is associated with an ogre's horn.

    • Omega Chain

      An omega chain is a connection of the Greek symbol's Ω-shaped parts. They are usually long enough to go around the base of the neck, so it is also called an "omega choker". Many omega necklaces have shape memory and are reversible.

    • Opal

      Opal was named from opalus, which means a precious gemstone in Greek.
      Ancient Romans have believed it as a gem of love and hope. It can be classified as "precious opal" or "common opal."
      Kyocera's Crescent Vert opal has the same composition as a natural opal, and a beautiful play of color can be seen.

    • Orient Effect

      Rainbow gloss (Iridescence) that appears in pearls. It arises due to lighting and interference with thin aragonite layers near the surface.

    • Orientation

      Orientation means deciding on a facet table observing colored gemstones. The most beautiful facet/side should be the facet table.

    • Orthoclase

      Orthoclase is named after a Greek word that means "perpendicular split" because it has two directions of orthogonal cleavage. It is one of the typical minerals of moonstone.
      [Moh's hardness: 6] [Mineral species: Orthoclase]

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