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    • Washington Convention

      The Washington Convention is officially called "the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora." From its initials, it is also called CITES. Since it was adopted in Washington DC in the United States (1973), it is also known as the Washington Convention. To prevent the extinction of species by excessive international transactions, wildlife plant species considered necessary to regulate international transactions are listed.
      (Here is the link to the page of CITES ⇒ )

    • Watermelon Tourmaline

      Watermelon tourmaline features two or three colors akin to watermelons. Its color profile is attributed to the uptake of elements that generate various colors such as iron, manganese, titanium and chromium. These elements are absorbed by the stone in order giving the stone its layered appearance in the time difference when crystals grow in nature.
      [Moh's hardness: 7] [Mineral species: Tourmaline]

    • Wax Modeling

      Processing soft or hard wax with tools produces prototypes used for casting.

    • White Opal

      The body color of white opal is milky white or transparent. A beautiful "play of color" can be seen.
      [Moh's hardness: 5] [Mineral species: Opal]

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      to see the details of Kyocera's Crescent Vert white opal.

    • Wire Necklace

      Wire necklace is a simple design that is made with metal wire. The popular length is the choker size.

    • Wire Prong

      A wire prong is typically used to set small gemstones like round melee. The cross-section of the wire prong is a circle shape, and the tip is more of a round shape than a round prong.

    • Work-hardening

      A metal is bendable and extendable, but they also have the property of work-hardening, which means that they become harder when subjected to strong external forces.
      When extending or bending metal using appropriate equipment, it is usual that platinum and silver alloys that have small vickers hardness will not bend.

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