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    • Eagle Prong

      Eagle prong is a kind of ogre prong.
      It is used to set pearls or facet cut gemstones. This prong looks similar to the shape of the eagle from its head to beak.

    • Electroforming

      Electroforming, also known as "electric casting," is a processing method that applies the principal way of plating to jewelry. This process involves plating a thickness of 150 to 300 microns (1 micron = 1/1000mm) first, then melting a mold plated afterward. This will leave the plated precious metal with a hollow structure. This processing method is suitable for creating three-dimensional earrings, piercings, pendant brooches, etc.

    • Electrolytic Polishing

      Electrolytic polishing is done before buff polishing. Generally, this process is applied to 18K gold.

    • Elegance Chain

      An elegance chain is made by pressing cable chain or kihei chain (curb chain).

    • Emerald

      Emerald is a gem which typically develops many inclusions such as cracks and scratches because it crystallizes under harsh conditions. It is sometimes referred to as "algae." There is a saying in the West that "there is no human and no emerald without a flaw." To hide scratches, many emeralds in the market are usually oil-treated.
      Kyocera's Crescent Vert emerald is completely identical in composition compared to a natural emerald and compares favorably with gemstones from Muzo, exhibiting the same captivating color including blue undertones.

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      [Moh's hardness: 7] [Mineral species: Beryl]

    • Emerald Cut

      When four corners of step-cut are cut/removed, it is called emerald cut.
      The beauty of the emerald cut is judged by its transparency and appearance. Polishers call it a "cut that cannot hide the flaws in the material." Many of the high quality diamonds over 10ct that are on sale at current auctions are emerald cuts.

    • Engagement Ring

      The engagement ring is often given upon the occasion of a proposal. Previously, crown setting diamond ring was extremely popular but recently the number of people who prefer a casual design is increasing as it is designed for easy everyday use.

    • Enhancement

      Enhancement is a treatment to maximize a gem's original beauty and improve its potential for greater brilliance. Common enhancement methods include heating, impregnation, and filling.

    • Entourage Ring

      The center stone of an entourage ring is surrounded entirely by melee-sized gemstones. This design is sometimes referred to as a dinner ring.

    • Epidote

      Epidote crystals are named after epidosis, a Greek word that means "increasing" because one side is wider than other aspects. It is also called "pistasite" because they become green like pistachio when it contains much iron. Epidote is a mineral name, a gemstone name, and a group name of more than ten mineral species. Its durability is low and rare to find in the market.
      [Moh's hardness: 6] [Mineral species: Epidote]

    • Eternity Ring

      Eternity ring is given to a partner on a wedding anniversary or childbirth anniversary to show eternal love and gratitude. "full eternity ring" that melee diamond is around the arm of the ring is common but sometimes "half eternity" is chosen because it is more affordable than full eternity and it can be resized.

    • Euclase

      Euclase has a strong cleavage nature, so it is crackable and fragile. The etymology of Euclase is "eu" meaning good and "klasis" meaning split in Greek.
      [Moh's hardness: 7] [Mineral species: Euclase]

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