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Crescent Vert

  • Sustainable
  • Designable
  • Accessible
  • Innovative

By eliminating all impurities, our gems achieve beautiful color signatures and transparency. These remarkable gemstones are not a limited resource mined from nature. Therefore, we can offer extremely high-quality, ethical gemstones to meet your exact design specifications.

  • Developed with Designers in Mind

    Crescent Vert and Kyoto Opal gemstones have the power to bring your creativity to life by freeing your designs from the constraints and limitations of natural stones. Our gemstones give you the freedom to reimagine what jewelry design can be! We can supply the cut, carat, and quality of gemstones that will help you showcase designs you only dreamed about until now.

    Kyocera's proprietary crystallizing method allows us to deliver gemstones of higher quality than other lab-grown gemstones—at a reasonable price.

  • Extremely High Quality

    Crescent Vert gemstones are chemically, physically and optically identical to natural jewels. There is no discernable difference. Being lab-grown is a benefit, because gemstones grown in immaculate laboratory conditions are nearly perfect, without occlusions or imperfections.

    We deliver the genuine beauty of gemstones responsibly, ethically and sustainably.

  • Sustainable Production

    After thousands of years mining natural gemstones, the Earth’s natural supply of high-quality stones is being depleted.

    Mining 2,200 lbs. (1,000 kilograms) of earth yields less than 0.5 oz (15 grams) of gemstones. However, that same amount of earth yields more than 3,500 oz. (100 kilograms) of raw ore, which can be used to grow gemstones in a lab.
    By maximizing the Earth’s rich resources through our gemstone growth method, we create environmentally friendly, sustainable gemstones of higher quality and beauty.

  • Innovative Approach

    Crystallizing gemstones requires a totally different process than the crystallizing method our engineers use to create ceramic products.
    Developing our jewels was an intense, difficult journey. Eventually, Kyocera's proprietary technology succeeded in growing gemstones that possess an identical crystal grain structure to naturally occurring gemstones.

    We never stop innovating and constantly seek new value.

How Do We Support You?
- Our Business Model -

  • 1 As a Manufacturer

    1As a Manufacturer

    Crescent Vert and Kyoto Opal are exclusive Kyocera products. We grow them in our Kyoto-based laboratory and share them with the world. Our in-house factory and business partners in Japan create high-quality jewelry based on Japanese craftsmanship standards. We also have an in-house OEM factory in Vietnam, which produces both Crescent Vert branded jewelry products along with other famous brands. To ensure the high quality that consumers expect from Japanese products, all products must meet Kyocera’s strict quality assurance standards.

  • 2 As a Wholesaler

    2As a Wholesaler

    Kyocera’s worldwide networks, developed through multiple global business divisions, enable us to work with many companies. We leverage these business contacts to provide beautiful jewelry products and source high-quality materials. We are open to all inquiries. Our ODM brands are also available to many shops, For example, our bridal jewelry brand "IL REGALO" is sold at various locations around the world.

  • 3 As a Retailer

    3As a Retailer

    While we specialize in manufacturing and wholesaling, we also sell jewelry and gemstones through our website, retail stores in Kyoto and Tokyo, exhibitions, and catalogs. We also update our jewelry collection often to delight the 200,000+ customers in our database.

Your Projects

- A window to the world -

  • BIZOUX -Ethical Jewelry-

    BIZOUX -Ethical Jewelry-

    BIZOUX is a Japanese jewelry brand with a mission: To deliver beautiful jewelry to people of all ages, genders, and nationalities.

  • Kunio Nakajima - Crescent Vert -

    Kunio Nakajima- Crescent Vert -

    With 43 years of experience as a jewelry designer, using Crescent Vert stones provided me with the rare opportunity to design freely with large gemstones.

  • Bruce Harding -Kyoto Opal-

    Bruce Harding -Kyoto Opal-

    Kyoto Opal expanded the boundaries of my fashion brand. I will continue using Kyocera’s “Life in Color” gems to bring people joy!

  • Customer Testimonials

    Customer Testimonials

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