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  • Alexandrite
  • Ruby
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  • Padparadscha
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Our Story

“Why is this jewelry so expensive? The gems don’t even sparkle.”

While visiting a jewelry store decades ago, Kazuo Inamori, founder of Kyocera, realized that the historical appeal of fine jewelry was fading away.

Jewelry was originally intended to spark hope and lift the human spirit. Inamori wanted to recapture that appeal. After years of intense research and product development, Kyocera introduced its first lab-grown emerald —Crescent Vert— in 1975.

Our Assets

  • Brilliance

    Beautiful Colors, Unmatched Transparency, Pure Brilliance


    • Pigeon Blood Red

      Pigeon blood red:
      A vivid red with a slightly purple hue.

    • Cornflower Blue

      Cornflower blue:
      A delicate dark bluish purple featuring a soft luster.

  • Material

    Chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural gemstones

    The only difference is their origin.
    Crescent Vert gems are grown with care in an immaculate laboratory environment.

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    Item Crescent Vert Emerald Mined Emerald
    Chemical Composition 3BeO・Al2O3・6SiO2 3BeO・Al2O3・6SiO2
    X-ray Diffraction Same as natural stone A pattern specific to Emerald
    Spectroscopic Analysis Same as natural stone Specific absorption of Emerald
    Crystal System Hexagonal Hexagonal
    Mohs Hardness 7.5~8.0 7.5~8.0
    Specific Gravity 2.65~2.70 2.65~2.74
    Melting Point 1410℃ 1410℃
    Transparency Transparent Transparent ~ Translucent
    Refractive Index 1.563~1.568 1.565~1.598
    Double Refraction 0.005 0.005~0.008
    Average Dispersion 0.014 0.014
    Pleochroism Green and Bluish green Green and Bluish green
    Chelsea Color Filter Examination Dark Red-Pink Dark Red-Pink
  • Quality

    Japanese Quality

    • Craftsmanship

      Each gem is meticulously grown in Japan by a highly skilled master jewelry technician.

    • Quality

      We adhere to the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA’s) quality control criteria.

    • Standardized Production

      Our gems are grown under the strict quality controls of the ISO9001 international standard.

  • Ethical

    Ethical manufacturing processes that are environmentally and people friendly

    Why choose lab-grown gemstones? Because mining natural gemstones harms the environment, and naturally occurring gemstones are becoming scarce. Miners must work under dangerous conditions and risk their lives to find them. We address these problems by growing Crescent Vert gemstones from abundantly available natural ore under safe laboratory conditions.

    Kyocera has obtained a ISO14001 certificate for environmental controls and is proud of its environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

    • Environmental

    • Consideration
      of working

    • Sustainable
      raw materials

  • Accessible

    The perfect gemstone that you've never seen before.

    Crescent Vert
    Ruby of the
    same price
    Mined Ruby

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  • samplekit

    Reference Guide

    28 different types of 5mm round-cut gemstones
    (Opals and gems with star effects are cabochon cut. All other gems are brilliant cut.)

    Wholesale pricing and reference guide

    A loose gem case designed to showcase both the crown and culet of each gemstone

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