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Kunio Nakajima
- Crescent Vert -

With 43 years of experience as a jewelry designer, using Crescent Vert stones provided me with the rare opportunity to design freely with large gemstones.

In celebration of Kyocera's 60th anniversary in 2019, we collaborated with “In the Garden” jewelry designer Kunio Nakajima on new Crescent Vert jewelry designs using his special enamel technique.

  • Introduction

    How did you feel when you heard about this project?

    I was humbled by the idea. I worked with Crescent Vert gemstones decades ago at Chiho Tamiya’s jewelry design studio. I feel a special attachment to these gorgeous gemstones because my first job as a jeweler was working with Crescent Vert emeralds.

    This reunion after 43 years was a highlight of my career as a jewelry designer. I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to design freely with these beautiful gemstones.

  • Production

    What is your design concept for this project?

    My goal is to show customers something they’ve never seen before by highlighting the beauty of Crescent Vert gemstones. I believe the combination of these gemstones and my enamel color technique developed for my "In the Garden" brand will make that happen.

    I will choose the colors of enamel carefully to emphasize the beauty of Crescent Vert.

  • Kyocera's Solution
    Kyocera's Solution

    Are you pleased with the finished pieces?

    The large and stunning pieces match the sophisticated feel of my pliqua a jour technique and represent new, innovative styles.
    I'm confident that I’ve successfully made jewelry of the very highest quality.

    I'm excited by the enthusiastic reception for these new Crescent Vert designs — customers have embraced the finished pieces with strong praise. I personally think the softer colors are the most popular in this collection.

  • What’s Next
    What's Next?

    Crescent Vert gems can be cut and shaped to fit design concepts that would be extremely difficult to achieve using mined gemstones.
    Jewelry designed by an imagination free from restrictions brings surprise and delight.
    I expect Crescent Vert to inspire more original jewelry designs and make many people smile in the process.

    Going forward, I will build on the experience gained from this valuable design collaboration on the Crescent Vert enamel design collection to design new, unique pieces of jewelry.

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