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  • My dearest ring that I love to wear, wherever I go.

    It’s my favorite ring.
    I wear it everywhere I go.

    I never knew opal was such a pretty stone! The stone mesmerizes me with its various, changing colors.
    Its fluorescent green is energetic and the beautiful blue sheen makes my heart skip a beat.
    It reminds me of peacock feathers when both colors mix together. In some lighting, a warmer color appears to give the stone an orangish-pink glow. I love its expressiveness that changes with the situation. Design-wise, it’s a substantial size stone, and I like that it reminds me of flowing water. I love wearing this ring; it has become my favorite piece of jewelry.

  • The changing colors of alexandrite fascinate me!

    Alexandrite is the gemstone I’ve dreamed of since I was a child. Because it is rare and expensive, I couldn't afford to buy one for myself.
    However, when I learned about Kyocera’s Crescent Vert, I finally had the opportunity to own this gorgeous gem.
    I bought necklace made from scratch, so it took about a month to receive, but it was worth the wait.
    I'm completely satisfied with the finished piece. I'm amazed at Alexandrite’s distinctive color and how it changes from a deep blue-green indoors to a lighter shade outdoors.

    The color change effect of Alexandrite is really interesting!
  • I never thought that I could buy the padparacha at such an affordable price.

    I never thought that I could buy padparadscha at such an affordable price.

    Looking at the picture, I wondered if the gemstone color was more pinkish than what I wanted. However, when the earrings arrived, it was completely beautiful and I was satisfied. The color is gorgeous—not too pinkish and not too orangish.
    Although it is lab-grown, I'm still surprised that I could afford to buy the padparadscha I’ve always wanted. I highly recommend Crescent Vert to my friends.

  • This is my favorite everyday jewelry.

    I'm a huge fan of Crescent Vert’s beautiful jewelry. I wanted a ring with a large gemstone. The design I chose seems to have less gemstone projection, so it is comfortable for daily wear.

    What an impeccable blue sapphire it is! It's large and beautiful. I feel so excited when I look down and see this ring on my finger every day.

    This is my best daily-use jewelry.
  • Its yellow color goes well on my skin color.

    Its yellow color compliments my skin tone.

    I enjoy wearing these earrings on any occasion because the design is simple and the size is exactly right.
    The ceramic post doesn't irritate my metal allergy, which enables me to wear them often.
    I also bought a pair in green the moment it was released. I hope more colors, including pink and blue, will be available soon!

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