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BIZOUX is a Japanese jewelry brand with a mission: To deliver beautiful jewelry to people of all ages, genders, and nationalities.
“We want to help as many people as possible to experience the exquisite beauty and glamour of natural gemstones. However, since natural gemstones are a limited resource, we also need to look ahead 10, 50, or even 100 years into the future, and think about what we can do to achieve a sustainable society. We support a ‘no gemstones wasted‘ approach to jewelry production. And that’s why we are adopting lab-grown gemstones to promote ethical and sustainable jewelry.”

  • Introduction

    Why did you start using lab-grown gemstones?

    Only a tiny percentage of naturally mined gemstones become jewelry. When people encounter the striking beauty and color of natural gemstones, accentuated by meticulous cutting, polishing, and shining, their curiosity and affinity for rare stones deepen.

    However, the process of creating brilliant jewelry from natural gemstones makes a lot of waste. Most raw minerals don’t exhibit enough transparency or crystallization to be used in fine jewelry. That’s why we started using lab-grown gemstones, which originate from raw minerals that would otherwise go to waste, as part of our effort to help eliminate wasteful practices in the gemstone industry.

    What do you think about lab-grown gemstones?

    We don’t think that lab-grown gemstones eclipse the joy people experience with natural gemstones. Rather, we believe that using lab-grown gemstones now will help assure that enough natural gemstones will still exist for people to enjoy in the future.

    Natural gemstones are a limited resource produced by nature. We revere their existence by making jewelry that can be cherished by customers throughout their lives.

    We want to stay true to our mission of creating extraordinary jewelry while preserving the earth’s natural resources. So, to achieve this, we think lab-grown gemstones are a perfect way to use modern technology to help overcome the problems of modern society.

    Kyocera's Solution

    How do lab-grown gemstones enhance BIZOUX’s jewelry line?

    Customers love alexandrite and padparadscha sapphires, but these stones are so rare, and there isn’t a sufficient supply.
    Adopting lab-grown gemstones makes it possible to create alexandrite and padparadscha jewelry designs in sizes and shapes that were never before available. That’s one example of how lab-grown gemstones have expanded our customers’ choices.

  • What’s Next?

    What is the reaction from customers?

    Before the launch, we were worried about whether customers would embrace our lab-grown gemstones. However, we’ve found that customers choose lab-grown gemstone jewelry because of its beauty and appealing design. It seems that elegant, dazzling jewelry is desirable regardless of whether it is natural or lab-grown.

    We are also excited that many customers share their ideas with us, often asking, "Can you put this gemstone in another jewelry design as well?" Such suggestions have inspired us to produce unique, new pieces that will be available soon.

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