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    • V Cut Twisting Chain

      A V-cut twisting chain is a kind of design cut chain.
      It adds a V-cut and twist to each part of the venetian chain.

    • Venetian Chain

      A venetian chain is a connection of box-shaped parts, so it can also be called a box chain. This chain is one of the most popular chain types. This chain has a linear feel, as the spacing between parts is narrow and compact.

    • Verneuil Process

      The verneuil process is one of the production methods of lab-grown gemstones.
      This process was developed in 1902 by a French chemist Dr. Auguste Verneuil and involves melting powdered material with a high-temperature flame. Droplets of molten material collect on the seed crystal. This process is also called the flame fusion process and can grow ruby, sapphire, spinel and rutile.

    • Vickers Hardness

      Vickers hardness (HV) is a hardness of a material/metal. The higher the value, the harder it is. For your reference, our nails are around 20~30HV, and a knife made by stainless is around 280HV.

    • Violet Sapphire

      Violet sapphire appears to have more bluish hues compared to purple sapphires which tend more towards red.
      [Moh's hardness: 9] [Mineral type: Corundum]

    • V-shaped Ring

      It is a ring which that the gemstones are set like "V" when you see it from above. Other than round-cut or baguette-cut stones, setting marquise-cut or tapered-cut stones are most suitable for this ring.

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