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Management's Message

To provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees, and through our joint efforts, contribute to the advancement of society and humankind.

Kyocera places top priority on the “Customer-First” princple to ensure that the products and services we provide consistently delight people. Customer satisfaction requires that we respond quickly to the constant changes happening all around us. We also strive to create new value by organically mobilizing the technological capabilities and management resources within the Kyocera Group, using our Kyocera Philosophy, our Amoeba Management System, and our belief in managing through a “bond of human minds.” When we all combine efforts to participate in management, finding satisfaction and fulfillment in our work and expanding our true potential, we grow as human beings.
Companies are comprised of people. The quality of a technology, product or service depends on the people behind it. We want to deliver new value to our customers continuously, through team members who pursue their dreams, work enthusiastically and consistently achieve self-determined goals.

The Kyocera Philosophy

The Kyocera Philosophy relates to life and management. Its central principle is to “Do what is right as a human being,” a concept we include in all of our decision making. By showing the importance of fairness and diligent effort, it serves as a paradigm for our conduct.

The Amoeba Management System(Decentralized Management)

Amoeba Management involves dividing an organization into small units that operate as independent profit-and-loss centers directly linked to their respective markets. This system fosters leaders with management awareness and creates the foundation for Kyocera’s “Management by All. ”