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Information & Communications

Connecting the World with Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

Today’s ever- changing world keeps fueling demand for faster, more convenient, more reliable modes of communication.
Kyocera's expertise in information and communications technology is promoting a future that is more connected than ever, through cutting-edge ICT solutions — including smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT) applications, and ICT engineering services.

Innovative 5G-Related Solutions and Applications

5G Millimeter-Wave Infrastructure Equipment

As more and more people upgrade to 5G, millimeter wave technology, which enables greater coverage of 5G communication traffic, is gaining attention. Kyocera is conducting research and development of 5G millimeter-wave infrastructure equipment, such as CPE (customer premises equipment) and metasurface refractors and reflectors, by combining various technologies that we have developed over many years in our telecommunications business. By developing infrastructure equipment compatible with millimeter waves, we can help unleash the full potential of 5G to help solve labor shortages at manufacturing sites using remote robots, streamline remote monitoring using high-definition video, and solve other issues in a wide range of situations.

Products & Solutions

Full Support from Network Devices to Services

Kyocera is committed to offering “JAPAN MADE” mobile communication solutions — providing rugged devices with targeted hardware and software capabilities along with a dedicated device lifecycle support system.

High-Durability Rugged Smartphone TORQUE®

5G-Compatible Device

MCA Advanced Wireless Radio

* "TORQUE" is a registered trademark of KYOCERA Corporation.

Helping Customers Put Knowledge to Work to Drive Change

MFPs, Printers, and ECM*1 and CSP*2 Solutions

Kyocera’s document solutions product portfolio includes a wide range of environmentally friendly and economical MFPs and printers, in addition to commercial inkjet printers. We provide ECM and CSP solutions that improve the operational efficiency and productivity of companies and enable them to comprehensively manage and use all their in-house information and data. *1 ECM : Enterprise Content Management *2 CSP : Content Services Platform

MFPs and Printers

Commercial Inkjet Printers

Advanced Components Supporting a Connected Society

Electronic and Semiconductor Components

Utilized in devices ranging from smartphones to industrial machines, we develop foundational technologies for an increasingly digital world.

Ceramic Capacitors

Tantalum Capacitors

Crystal Devices

Ceramic Semiconductor Packages

Organic Semiconductor Packages

Fine Ceramic Components for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

Kyocera’s Fine Ceramic components offer high precision, chemical stability, and durability at high temperatures to help customers achieve integrated, high-quality manufacturing.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Components