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Environment & Energy

Advanced Clean Energy Technology for a Sustainable Society

Based on our commitment to improve the world through renewable energy, we have been developing, manufacturing, and operating solar power generating systems for almost half a century, and we have expanded our energy solutions recently to include battery technologies and related products. In the future, we will continue to develop new solutions that protect our global environment and help achieve a carbon-neutral society.

Proprietary Energy Technology Development

Advanced Battery Technologies for Clean Energy

Kyocera develops three types of battery solutions to create, store, and save renewable energy: solar panels, storage batteries that store electricity as an emergency power source, and high-efficiency Solid Oxide Fuel Cells that generate electricity from hydrogen or natural gas, while producing hot water from the heat created by power generation.

We want to make sustainable smart cities a reality, so we are carrying out tests to solve energy problems faced by different regions, companies, and factories. Our concept uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict both power demand from commercial users and power supply from renewable sources, enabling energy supply-demand balance on a building-by-building or area-by-area basis.

*SOFC: Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Products & Solutions

Inkjet Textile Printer for Sustainable Fashion


Machine cleaning and other processes in conventional textile and fabric printing*2 produce huge volumes of industrial wastewater. To solve this large and growing environmental problem, Kyocera's new inkjet textile printer, FOREARTH, has a water-free concept which eliminates many processes that use excessive amounts of water, such as pre-treatment, cleaning, and steaming. With FOREARTH, we aim to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on the environment. *1 "FOREARTH" is a registered trademark or trademark of KYOCERA Corporation in Japan and other countries. *2 Printing here refers to the printing of patterns on fabric.

Environmentally Friendly Product Development


Purple LEDs and RGB fluorescent materials offer brilliant and beautiful lighting in many settings, including art museums and restaurants.
They have advanced color-rendering properties and can produce light close to natural sunlight.

*“CERAPHIC” is a registered trademark of KYOCERA Corporation in Japan and other countries.

Ceramic Knife with a Bio-Derived Handle

The handle of this knife is made of a bio-derived material sourced from sugarcane to reduce petroleum consumption. We are also expanding our use of 100% recyclable, plastic-free packaging.