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Medical & Healthcare

Advancing Medical Care and Improving Lives

Kyocera develops medical and dental products for orthopedic joint and tooth replacement, which restore lost physical functions, as well as unique devices and systems that enable advanced medical care and optimize daily health management. We provide comprehensive solutions for preventive medical care to extend healthy lifespan and improve Quality of Life (QOL).

Ensuring Early Detection

AI System that Supports Osteoporosis Diagnoses

Osteoporosis can cause not only fractured bones, but many other diseases, increasing a person's risk of becoming bedridden or requiring nursing care. Early detection and treatment are essential for maintaining the patient's QOL and curbing medical costs.

Kyocera is conducting joint research with the University of Tokyo for the early detection of osteoporosis. Our system uses AI to estimate bone density from X-ray imaging, improving examinations for earlier diagnosis and better treatment outcomes.


Restorative and Regenerative Medical Solutions

Artificial Joints

Dental Implants

Kyocera's orthopedic and dental implants incorporate proprietary materials and surface-treatment technologies to optimize the performance and longevity of ceramics and metals.

High-Quality Devices and Components for Advanced Medical Care

Cell Separation and Concentration Measurement Device

This device automatically separates specific cells from blood and other bodily fluids and measures their concentration to support research and development in the life sciences. By reducing labor, it allows more time for analysis, where demand continues to increase.

Optical Units for Factory Automation and Medical Use

Kyocera provides optical units for imaging that combine an independently designed lens with lighting and a camera.