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Medical & Healthcare

Advancing Medical Care and Improving Lives

Kyocera provides life-changing medical products that restore lost physical functions, such as orthopedic joint replacement systems and dental implants — as well as unique devices to improve daily health management. We are developing new solutions for preventive care as well, to extend healthy lifespans and improve people’s quality of life.

Cell Therapies to Extend Healthy Lifespan

Technical Partnership in Regenerative Medicine

Donor → Cell → Collection → Culture → Administration Patient

Kyocera has signed a technical license and collaboration agreement with Regeneus Ltd. of Australia for knee osteoarthritis cell preparations* in Japan. We w ill continue to develop cell therapy technologies to treat osteoarthritis, and aim to develop therapies for diseases that currently lack effective treatment.

*Regenerative medical products for treatment by administering cells

Ceramic Technology Makes Kids’ Toothbrushing Fun!

Post-Brushing Toothbrush for Children


Developed with Lion Corporation in Japan, Possi is based on the concept of making dental hygiene fun for children who normally hate brushing their teeth. A small piezo-ceramic component mounted on the brush head lets children enjoy music through bone conduction while brushing their teeth.

*The “Possi" logo is a registered trademark of KYOCERA Corporation in Japan


Restorative and Regenerative Medical Solutions

Artificial Joints

Dental Implants

Kyocera develops medical and dental implants. Our orthopedic joint replacement systems incorporate material- and surface-treatment technologies for ceramics and metals.

Condensia® System PRP Preparation Kit

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is necessary for many regenerative medical therapies. Kyocera provides PRP preparation kits for collecting blood and isolating PRP by centrifugation.

*“Condensia” is a registered trademark of KYOCERA Corporation in Japan

High-Quality Components for Advanced Medical Care

Optical Flow Measurement Module

A laser irradiated in liquid provides contactless flow-rate measurement based on the frequency change of reflected waves. This is expected to be used in medical devices requiring strict hygiene management.

Optical Units for Factory Automation and Medical Use

Kyocera provides optical units for imaging that combine an independently designed lens with lighting and a camera.