Kyocera Gallery

The museum, located on the first floor of our headquarters building in Kyoto, Japan, was opened in October 1998 as one of the cultural projects undertaken by the Kyocera Corporation. Through these exhibits, we wish to make a contribution to the cultural enrichment of the local community. Our major collections include Qianlong glassware, Picasso's copper plate print series 347, modern Japanese paintings, Western-style paintings, sculpture, and fine ceramic pottery. In addition to these collections, which are on permanent display, the Kyocera headquarters building features sculptures in the plaza and both sculptures and paintings in the lobby. We hope visitors will take advantage of this cultural space to relax and appreciate art.

Global Headquarters Building and Museums

The Collection

Qianlong Glassware

Glassware made during the Qing dynasty is called Qianlong glassware in honor of the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795). Qianlong is prized worldwide among glassware because of its elegance and beauty. Engraved pieces of colored glass were layered to provide marvelous color contrast, Qianlong's most beautiful and distinctive feature.

Picasso Copper Plate Print Series 347

This is a collection of 347 copper plate prints that Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) completed in 1968. This series marks a significant artistic period in his later life. The central theme of the 347 series is love for women, which was a lifetime theme for Picasso. The development of the artist's feelings on this theme evolves through the series in a torrent of images.

Modern Japanese “Nihon-ga” Paintings

An exhibition titled “Modern Japanese Paintings” was held in five nations from 1985 to 1987 with the aim of enhancing friendship through cultural exchange. From the 48 paintings in this exhibition, Kyocera acquired 23, including “Yugen–Mountain Mist” by Kaii HIGASHIYAMA; “The Byodo–in Temple” by Ikuo HIRAYAMA; and “Warm Day” by Shoko UEMURA. Our collection also includes “Carp” by Seison MAEDA and “Summer Room” by Meiji HASHIMOTO.

Western–Style Paintings

Kyocera’s collection includes “Peony” and “Watermelon” by Ryuzaburo UMEHARA; “Cloudy Spring Day” by Gentaro KOITO; “Market Place,” “A Donkey in Market Place” and “A Lady that Sells Birds” by Junji YOSHII; and “Clouds and Mountain Range” by Junkichi MUKAI.


The collection includes works by the leading sculptors of Japan, such as “Boy and Birds Returning North” by Toshio YODOI; “Anzu” by Yasutake FUNAKOSHI; and “Miserere II” and “Matasaburo, Son of the Wind” by Shinya NAKAMURA.

Kyocera Fine Ceramic Tea Utensils “Gyokuji”

“Gyokuji” is a series of fine ceramic tea utensils that are completely different from conventional ceramics. They were created as new-age artifacts by utilizing the distinctive translucency, crystallinity, beautiful luster and deep hues of fine ceramics which were originally developed as electronic materials. The museum displays some representative works from the “Gyokuji” series.