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Life & Environment / Others

Solar Energy

Kyocera has been developing photovoltaic cells since the first oil crisis of the early 1970s, based on a commitment to improve our world through renewable energy. We have since expanded our product lines, supplying solar power generating systems, storage batteries and energy management systems (EMS) to protect the global environment and transition to a low-carbon society.

Residential Solar Power Generating Systems

We supply solar modules of various sizes and shapes to integrate aesthetically with diverse roof structures while increasing total power generation.

Municipal and Industrial Solar Power Systems

The Kyocera Group provides integrated renewable energy services ranging from solar module production to system design, installation, operation, and maintenance. Our systems are used in utility-scale solar power plants, both ground-mounted and floating on freshwater reservoirs.

Home Energy Management Systems(HEMS)(Japan)

HEMS technology optimizes home energy use by making power consumption visible and controlling appliances.

Lithium-Ion Battery Storage Systems (Japan)

Our popular lithium-ion storage systems can charge at night – when rates are lowest – to minimize home energy costs. They can also provide emergency back-up power during blackouts, and can serve as on-site power storage for a residential solar system.

Medical & Dental Products

Kyocera supplies orthopedic joint implants, dental implants and other medical products developed through its advanced material technologies and surface processing expertise – helping to improve the quality of human life.
*Aquala, BIOCERAM AZUL, and AG-PROTEX are registered trademarks of Kyocera Corporation in Japan and elsewhere.


AG-PROTEX is a technology that boosts the fixation and antibacterial properties of orthopedic implants, promoting affinity between the implant and the patient's natural bone.

Jewelry & Kitchen Tools

Using unique crystal-growing technologies, Kyocera creates recrystallized gemstones that consist of the same elements as their natural counterparts. We have also developed kitchen tools made from highly wear-resistant ceramics and other products to enrich daily life.F


Gemstones with breathtaking color and ideal transparency are marketed under Crescent Vert® and other brands.

Ceramic Kitchen Tools

Lightweight, rustproof kitchen tools keep their sharp edge longer and are popular for their ease of use.


Our hotel business is based on a commitment to provide hospitality with a heartfelt smile. Kyocera operates an upscale resort hotel in Kagoshima designed by renowned architect Kisho Kurokawa complete with access to hot springs, swimming and other sports facilities, and an elegant metropolitan hotel in the heart of Kyoto.