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Fine Ceramic

Fine Ceramic Components

Since its founding, Kyocera's track record in fine ceramics has been unmatched. We utilize our extensive resources in research, development and production to select the optimal raw materials and manufacturing methods for each application. Breakthroughs and improvements in a wide range of industries are facilitated by the unique qualities of Kyocera's fine ceramics.

  • Industrial Machinery

    Industrial Machinery

    Fine ceramics have physical and chemical properties that are superior to metals and plastics. Kyocera utilizes that superiority to support continued technological advancement in the world's most vital industries.

  • Ultra-High Vacuum Applications

    Ultra-High Vacuum Applications

    Kyocera components developed through ceramic-to-metal bonding technologies bring high reliability to ultra-high vacuum applications in a wide range of high-tech manufacturing and scientific research fields.

  • Semiconductor Processing and LCD Manufacturing Equipment

    Semiconductor Processing and LCD Manufacturing Equipment

    Kyocera creates fine ceramics without equal through continuous material development. We use fine ceramics to produce structural components of extreme precision, heat resistance, and chemical stability - enhancing the wafer-fabrication process, enabling higher circuit densities and improving the production of LCDs.

  • Sapphire Substrates for LEDs

    Sapphire Substrates for LEDs

    Substrates of highly reliable single-crystal sapphire are used to form the gallium nitride layer necessary for the production of LEDs.

  • Ferrite Components

    Ferrite Components

    Kyocera's ferrite materials and high-precision forming technologies support the miniaturization of electronics by facilitating smaller, better-performing inductors.

  • Fine Ceramics used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)

    A fuel cell causes hydrogen in utility gas to react with oxygen in the air, generating electricity and a heat source for hot water. Kyocera has applied its fine ceramic materials and manufacturing technologies to create an innovative cell stack for the fuel cell core, creating a next-generation power system that offers significant improvements in efficiency, durability and carbon emissions.

  • Fine Ceramics used in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)

Automotive Components

Kyocera supplies a wide range of products for automotive applications that require extreme reliability. Our products support the rapid advancement of in-vehicle electronics, making cars smarter, safer, cleaner and more comfortable.

  • Ceramic Glow Plugs

    Ceramic Glow Plugs

    Our glow plugs are widely used in start-and-stop systems that require rapid heating, excellent durability at high temperatures, and reliability over extended duty cycles.

  • Oxygen-Sensor Heaters

    Oxygen-Sensor Heaters

    Our sensor heaters reach operating temperature just seconds after a cold engine starts, ensuring cleaner exhaust by allowing emissions sensors to function almost immediately.

  • Piezoelectric Stacks for Fuel Injectors

    Piezoelectric Stacks for Fuel Injectors

    These components enable ultra-quick response and precise control of fuel delivery to make diesel engine vehicles cleaner than ever.

  • Camera Modules

    Camera Modules

    High reliability and excellent optical sensing help enhance vehicle safety and convenience.


Kyocera develops and supplies liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for the automotive industry, which demands long-term reliability under a wide range of operating conditions. Our LCDs have numerous applications in other markets as well, including telecommunications devices, testing and measuring instruments, and gaming equipment.

  • Automotive Displays

    Automotive Displays

    Kyocera's unique technologies take automotive data display to a new level, in custom shapes for instrumentation, climate control, navigation and backup view.

  • LCDs for Industrial Use

    LCDs for Industrial Use

    For industrial applications, Kyocera offers a wide range of product options including displays with super high brightness and touch panels.

Head-Up Displays for Safer Vehicles

A head-up display (HUD) projects important information, like speed and directions, onto the car's windshield - so the driver's eyes stay on the road. Kyocera's advanced materials and designs produce high-resolution displays with superior brightness for safer driving.

Head-Up Displays for Safer Vehicles

Cutting Tools

By enabling faster, more efficient machining, Kyocera cutting tools support vital fields like the automotive, heavy equipment, and aerospace manufacturing.

  • Ceratip

    Hybrid Cermet Inserts

    Cermet cutting tool inserts provide consistent metal cutting with an excellent surface finish.

  • Modular Drills

    Modular Drills

    These low-resistance drills provide outstanding efficiency and drilling precision.

  • Special-Order Tools

    Special-Order Tools

    We offer custom tools for every type of metal processing, from automotive to aerospace.

  • Industrial Precision Blades

    Industrial Precision Blades

    Blades made of ceramics and cemented carbides promote manufacturing quality and productivity.

Optical Components

We supply many types of optical components to meet consumer and commercial needs, focusing on lenses for video equipment and automotive cameras.

  • Aspherical Lenses

    Aspherical Lenses

    Through our advanced materials expertise, Kyocera develops and manufactures a broad range of aspherical lenses ranging in size from miniature to large (with diameters up to 60mm).

  • Automotive Lenses and Scanner Lenses

    Automotive Lenses and Scanner Lenses

    Our aspherical lenses enable smaller, more precise devices.

  • Optical Units for Factory Automation and Medical Use

    Optical Units for Factory Automation and Medical Use

    We offer optical units for medical and industrial imaging by combining unique lens designs with specialized cameras and lighting.

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