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Document Solutions

Printers & Multifunctional Products

For small offices to large corporations, Kyocera offers a wide-ranging lineup of printers and multifunctional products (MFPs) that are both economical and ecological. Outstanding long-life performance has earned our printers a strong reputation worldwide.

ECOSYS Printers

Kyocera's ECOSYS printers resolve three important issues at once. They are designed to reduce environmental impact (Ecology), minimize running costs (Economy), and integrate effortlessly with information networks (Systems).

*ECOSYS is a registered trademark of Kyocera Corporation in Japan and other countries.

TASKalfa Multifunctional Products (MFPs)

The ultra-reliable technology designed into every Kyocera TASKalfa MFP provides a comprehensive range of document solutions for every user.

Toner-Only System

When toner runs out, you simply replenish it, without replacing dispo- sable print cartridges. This reduces the user's environmental impact while minimizing operating costs and reducing waste.

Amorphous Silicon (a-Si) Drums

These photoreceptor drums are protected by tough coatings of amorphous silicon (a-Si) and amorphous carbon (a-C) to provide twice the service life of our conventional models – approximately 600,000 pages.

PSLP Drums

Kyocera has developed a PSLP(positive-charged single-layer photoconductor) drum that performs reliably over a lifespan 10 times that of conventional OPC imaging units – offering up to 100,000 printed pages with no replacement parts.

Solutions Business

Kyocera's document solutions eliminate operational issues by assessing the user's document environment and identifying strategies to reduce costs and improve productivity. We look carefully at each operating requirement and propose continuous improvements to meet the user's needs.

HyPAS(Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions)

Kyocera's HyPAS software platform enables detailed customization to support the development of applications that are built into multifunctional systems. Integration with other IT systems, such as mobile devices and the cloud, promotes data sharing and boosts workflow efficiency.

*HyPAS is a registered trademark of Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. in the United States.

MDS(Managed Document Services)

Through this set of services, Kyocera offers a total document solution with ongoing support on a global basis. It starts with an investigation and analysis of the customer's current document environment and extends to the proposal of an optimal arrangement of equipment and workflow improvements. By reducing the use of paper, toner and time spent managing equipment, office productivity rises while operating costs are greatly reduced.

Kyocera Document Solutions Earns Germany's Blue Angel Award

Released in 1992 as a new concept in document printing, Kyocera's first ECOSYS model, the FS-1500, was able to print 300,000 pages with no maintenance beyond toner replenishment. A later version developed in 1997 was the first printer in the world to win Germany's Blue Angel eco-label designation. Since then, Kyocera's ECOSYS technology has become the benchmark for document equipment performance and durability.