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Rugged Devices

Kyocera is the global pioneer in rugged handsets offering features such as military-grade waterproofing, dustproofing and shock-resistance.


Kyocera smartphones are designed with real-life challenges in mind, providing various users with a range of features that excel in both daily life and business use.


Kyocera tablets, now available in Japan, are designed with user-friendliness and practical features such as waterproofing.

Feature Phones

Kyocera feature phones offer the latest conveniences and durable features for users who prefer simplicity as well as practical use in their mobile device.

  • Kantan Keitai(Japan)

    Kantan Keitai(Japan)

  • MARVERA(Japan)


Information Systems & Telecommunication Services

Kyocera operates other businesses in information and communications technology (ICT); telecommunications engineering; environment and energy engineering; and management consulting. We can help implement and operate four major types of systems: information platforms, communications infrastructure, harmonized economy and ecology infrastructures, and enterprise management platforms.

  • Information and Communications Technology

    Information and Communications Technology

    We offer ICT solutions for local information systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP), security, cloud systems, low-cost IoT services and digital marketing.

  • Telecommunications Engineering

    Telecommunications Engineering

    We offer wireless infrastructure construction, operation and maintenance, and transmission optimization for telecommunications carriers; and construction support for core network base stations and services.

  • Environment and Energy Engineering

    Environment and Energy Engineering

    We provide one-stop service for design, procurement, installation, operation and maintenance of utility-scale solar power plants and other public and industrial solar power systems, with an extensive track record of design and installation on both land and water.

  • Management Consulting

    Management Consulting

    We provide consulting services for the implementation of Kyocera's unique Amoeba Management System, helping customers to introduce the system, providing operational support, and facilitating the operation of related information systems.

IoT Modules for Our Ever-Connected World

The Internet of Things (IoT) turns everyday items into smart devices by connecting them to the Internet and each other. Kyocera's high-quality communications modules contribute to the rapidly developing IoT ecosystem.

IoT Modules for Our Ever-Connected World

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