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Thermal Printheads

Thermal Printheads  In-house continuous process from wafer to complete head  Meet demanding print requirements utilizing various head and glaze shapes

Kyocera offers both face-down IC bonding method, which realizes high productivity and reliability, and wire bonding method, which enhances design flexibility.

Furthermore, by leveraging advanced our thin film technology production lines during the every stage of the manufacturing process, from ceramic substrates to finished products, Kyocera actively meets demand for custom-designed thermal printheads through optimized selection from a variety of the glaze shapes, resistance and overcoat types which are necessary to deal with a variety of applications.

Kyocera also supplies a wide variety of printhead structures, such as flat type, true edge type and corner edge type, as well as peripheral parts integration which covers the industry's broad applications including bracket assembly on the printhead to meet customers' requests.

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