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    Downloadable Thermal Printheads Brochure has been Updated (pdf/1.8MB) PDF
February 14, 2018 Japan
    New KYOCERA a-Si Photoreceptor Drum for Document Equipment Improves Durability, Reduces Internal Friction by 30 Percent
Core imaging component can print 1 million pages while reducing internal component wear, extending equipment operating life

March 21, 2017 Japan
    KYOCERA Develops World's Smallest* Thermal Printhead for Barcode Printing
*World’s smallest size among flat-type thermal printheads for barcode printers. Based on research by Kyocera (as of June 1, 2016).)
July 13, 2016 Japan
    KYOCERA Develops Real Edge 600dpi Thermal Printhead for Card Printing with Enhanced Security Applications
July 13, 2016 Japan
    KYOCERA Launches Highly Robust Printhead for Digital Textile Printing
November 5, 2015 Japan
    KYOCERA Announces Ultra-Wide Printhead Offering Simultaneous Four-Color Output for Industrial Inkjet Printing, from Textiles to Billboards
October 6, 2015 Japan
    KYOCERA Develops one of the World's Fastest* 360dpi Recirculating Inkjet Printheads
* The world's fastest speed for an inkjet printhead at a print resolution of 360dpi (based on research by Kyocera; as of September 17, 2015).
September 17, 2015 Japan
    KYOCERA Introduces New KRW Series Thermal Printheads for Barcode Printing
June 11, 2014 Japan
    Downloadable Thermal Printheads Brochure has been Updated
February 25, 2014 Japan
    Inkjet Printheads product information page has been updated
December 24, 2013 Japan
    Thermal Printheads product information page has been updated
July 25, 2013 Japan
    KYOCERA Develops World's Fastest 300dpi Inkjet Printhead; Offering Simultaneous Two-Color Printing with One Printhead
August 6, 2012 Japan
    KYOCERA Develops World’s Fastest 1200×1200dpi KJ4B-Z Inkjet Printhead
April 24, 2012 Japan
    KYOCERA Starts Mass Production of World's Fastest Inkjet Printheads for Commercial Printing
March 26, 2012 Japan
    KYOCERA Introduces New KC-91 Protective Overcoat for Thermal Printheads Used in Digital Photo Printing
February 6, 2012 Japan
    KYOCERA Sets New World Record for Durability in A4 Printing Equipment's Photoreceptor Drum
September 14, 2011 Japan
    KYOCERA Announces Development & Commercialization of LED-UV Curing Systems which Supports the Industry's Fastest Label Printing
July 11, 2011 Japan

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